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I've wanted to fan art for a while and I'm not totally happy with it, parts I feel i got what i wanted others not so, but I need to post it now and cal it done :p
Hope you like it, as always favs comments and cc loved
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Lilith's leg looks pretty awkward, tbh. Otherwise a nice image.
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They came out great! I love the coloring and the poses. :heart:
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I'm guessing it's Batman fan art right? I'm going by the logo on her leg and the very familiar background. I do really like the background and how you decided not to make it sharp. It keeps the spotlight on the characters. As always, the coloring is superb. The red ones back/buttocks area seems a little to exaggerated? There's just something off from that area.
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ya its also cause capcom, darkstalkers which is the games its from exadurats things a lot.
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Ah! Gotcha. Now it makes sense. :)
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You're not totally happy withthis??? This is gorgeous. I'M totally happy with this! :-)
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lol I always feel I can do better if I had to rush myself.
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Amazing and awsome :wow:
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Nothing to thanks
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Looks cool. It seems Morrigan is looking away, but it seems like the picture should have her looking at the, er, mini-version of her (I don't know all of the characters). I think what I am trying to get across is they should be looking AT each other, but Morrigan is looking over her and away.
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Very lovely! Darkstalkers is my favorite of the Capcom fighting games so it's always great to see art of it.
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