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OMG I did cell anime styled shadeing and it worked!!! I never works so I am soo happy, it always looks so easy but I find it really hard >< Anyways I am super happy with this, I wanted to get it done asap for easter "I am always late with hoilday pics" I love how it turned out I love the boy he's so cute he's like "yay bunny!!!" hence the name. Anyways just something simple, bright and cute for easter, I will be attempting some more complex drawing later! As always your comment cc and Favs mean the world to me, I love you guys XD

I would like to thank everyone for there comments on the line art, sorry I didn't time reply , but thanks everyone, and for those who want to know 2 weeks from now you can note me if you wish to color the line art, and second I don't know if I will make a shirt with this or not we shell see ^_~
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Such a  cute bunny :D and YAY a male fairy to. :) i dont see many male fairy's about....
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Sweet fairy and bunny.
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That is freaken cute.
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omg i love that bunny! and the rest of the pic lol but the bunny is so adorable ^^
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Very adorable! :aww:

I love this. The bunny rabbit that the fairy is petting looks so cute. :D

As for the fairy, I love her blondish hair and big eyes. The flowers look wonderful too! :+fav::heart:
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Awwww now this is seriously cute :aww: :heart: The bunny is sooo ADORABLE! :excited: :hug: I love the colour you put into this and the shading! :+fav:
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heheh thanks hes like "Yay" XD
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Again,I LOVE IT!!!!
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Again,I LOVE IT!!!!
if you ever, for whatever reason, come across this comment, ilovepink1293, check your aim email. I sent you a message but I'm not sure of any other way to contact you
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Again,I LOVE IT!!!!
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Very cute. Their eyes seem to match in shape. I also like how you used the same colors for her hair and for that flower's. Good job.
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Awwwwwwwww I love this! It turned out really well anime style.
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awww its soooo cute!! :)!!
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Beautiful coloring job! And the bunny is just too cute. I like the floppiness of its ears. :D
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very charming
I like the way you use colors
very uplifting
DigiAvalon's avatar
ya this one was just cute an dun to do ^^
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mrrrr *wishes she were that bunny* hehehe
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that's adorable! I love the bunny *hugs it*. I like the purple/pink-ish shades you've used too! :D
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