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"The companies will hold a one-night Fathom Events screening in more than 300 US theaters on September 15, followed by a national theatrical release in major cities."

"The Digimon Adventure tri. project, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of Digimon Adventure (the first entry in the series), will have a total of six films."

"The third film, Digimon Adventure tri. Kokuhaku, will open in Japan for three weeks on September 24, and will be available for paid streaming in Japan on the same day. The Blu-ray Disc of the film will be on sale at theaters on the same day, and the general release on Blu-ray Disc and DVD will be on November 2."

New Series Announced!  Digimon Universe! - October!…
EDIT: Watch Digimon v Pokemon DEATHBattle here!…!

EDIT: Determination/Resolve will come out on March 12, 2016.

EDIT: >_>  Okay, what I didn't know is it looks like we get four eps now, and the next eps won't come until the winter.  I guess spoilers are ok then.  

The Gate has opened everyone!
Just saw the first four eps on!
You get a free two-week trial.

I want to wait at least week before submitting any art pertaining to the eps as they come out if possible.  

Please support the show!  The more people show interest the better chance it has reaching the states dubbed!
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Group Info

Digimon Friends Unite Is
a Digimon group To Show Your Love Of digimon!!

Whether you love
The Anime,Manga or the Games or created your own Digimon

It doesn't matter ^-^
Then You Can Join This Group
we love to see your Your Drawings/Stories With Your Own OC And Their OC Digimon.
And Of Course Digimon Fan Art Is Welcome
Hope That You Join Us In A Digital Adventure In The Digiworld ^-^
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Jan 30, 2010


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Fan Club

1,451 Members
1,346 Watchers
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Sayo y Dianamon by KouKouIzumi1998
Koh y Apollomon by KouKouIzumi1998
chibi Miomon by mariridoodleparadise
Together by X-Seion-X
Digimon Adventure 01 Fan art
Inktober 2019 - Entry #20: Tread - Digimon by Barlu
Digimon Adventure Mimi 01 by cutie-syakeko-chan
[GIF] Tailmon by NightYuu
Divine Blessing Angemon by flute-man
Digimon 02 Fan art
Day 8 : Jogress Digimon by Cattensu
Inktober2019 Day 7 Deer by ivanprime93
Inktober 2019 - Entry #09: Swing - Digimon by Barlu
[Digimon Adventure 02] Ken Ichijouji by fish-in-fridge
Digimon 03 Tamers Fan art
Kapurimon by DerFeldwebel
Inktober 2019 - Entry #15: Legend - Digimon by Barlu
collaborative art 2[gif] by Wheat-Wesley
Terriermon by Ventimon
Digimon Frontier fan art
Frontier's Composition! - Digimon by Barlu
Inktober 2019 - Entry #02: Mindless - Digimon by Barlu
Inktober 2019 - Entry #07: Enchanted - Digimon by Barlu
Trailmon Line by zeskii
Digimon Savers Fan art
Day 6 : Mega Digimon by Cattensu
Request - Gaomon by DerFeldwebel
My Little... Sleipmon? by heart-of-a-dragoness
Inktober 2019 - Entry #06: Husky - Digimon by Barlu
Digimon Xros Wars
Plesimon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Shoutmon doodle by ginryuumaru
OmegashoutmonX (stylized) by ginryuumaru
Digimon Challenge!6 Favorite Mega! by Neoncito
Xros Wars 2: Hunter Boys running through Time
Gumdramon by heart-of-a-dragoness
Arresterdramon by heart-of-a-dragoness
Arresterdramon Sketch by heart-of-a-dragoness
Gumdramon by heart-of-a-dragoness
Digimon Adventure Tri fanart
Ken Ichijouji Digimon Tri by Lazy-Gamer
Inktober 2019 - Entry #17: Ornament - Digimon by Barlu
Gatomon / Tailmon - Digimon by ZeeKayDigital
Digimon Adventure (tri.) - Birdramon by ZeeKayDigital
Digimon Group Pictures
Storyteller by Ventimon
Trial of the Four Great Dragons by listlessscrawls
Royal Knights sketches  by Siryon92
Gomamon meets Guilmon!  by Siryon92
Digimon Manga and movie fan art
Inktober Day 12 - prototype by FullMetalOwlChemist
Oc Digimon
Face Up, Make Your Stand by LayneTheShoutmon
OC Digidestend Or Tamer
Digimon Tamer | Tabatha and Toyagumon by NotoriousNoire
Cosplay and Artisan Craft
Angewomon 01 by cold-blooded-angel
Phascomon - Inktober 2019 by Nikieu
Memorial folder
Digimon 10th Anniversary by MegaFlaymdraGon
Multi-season folder
Digimon: The Hardcore Ladies by Torikii
Digimon Comic Fan Pages and fan fic
Masters and Scapegoats pt 5 by Clonesaiga
contest 2013 friendship
Duo by Llewxam888
Contest Entries
Contest - Digimon War Games by Kawaii-Nekochara
Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters
Appmon server please join by toybunny333

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Black Gabumon for Karabiner by sakura11 Black Gabumon for Karabiner :iconsakura11:sakura11 159 51 Digimon the movie by Arcanas-Romantica Digimon the movie :iconarcanas-romantica:Arcanas-Romantica 220 21 Adventure - Our Light by RW09 Adventure - Our Light :iconrw09:RW09 1,046 117 Angemon by KawaiiAndCute Angemon :iconkawaiiandcute:KawaiiAndCute 33 13 First Generation by Kyoko-Taide First Generation :iconkyoko-taide:Kyoko-Taide 9,681 1,186 Thanks for the Memories 2 by Cadaska Thanks for the Memories 2 :iconcadaska:Cadaska 247 36 Digimon 11th Anniversary draft by RW09 Digimon 11th Anniversary draft :iconrw09:RW09 577 89 Myotismon coloured 2 by Danitheangeldevil Myotismon coloured 2 :icondanitheangeldevil:Danitheangeldevil 15 22 The Favorite by MystressVulpes The Favorite :iconmystressvulpes:MystressVulpes 42 10 The Favorite page two of three by MystressVulpes The Favorite page two of three :iconmystressvulpes:MystressVulpes 45 19 The Favorite page three by MystressVulpes The Favorite page three :iconmystressvulpes:MystressVulpes 67 63


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Welcome to Digi friends Unite Group

Together by X-Seion-X

Digi Friends Unite Mascots
Who Are The Mascots Of The Club
Lucaramon,Germon And Miomon
Lucaramon (c)X-Seion-X
German (c)RaynieCloud

join request are automatically approved
5 can submit deviation per day!

:star:Rules :star:
what's not allowed in this group
no mature content
we allow couples holding hands but no real yaoi/yuri or hentai!!!

:star:in this group you can upload:star:
fan art all seasons
group pictures
manga fanart
Oc digidestend or tamers you made
oc digimon or fanmade digimon you made
avatars you made yourself
flash games of digimon
comic pages of your own digimon story
fake screenshots you make of your digimon Ocs


:star:Dig Friends Unite:star:
This Is The Crew Of Digi friends Unite
Are There Problems Just Send Us A Note








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I wanted to let everyone know who has Digimon OCs they might have been used without permission by this user in their series of videos that made:…

My own OCs also fell victim and I have issued him a warning to remove the videos before I take legal action for use of my creations without permission (even removing watermark). Please pass it around because I recognize some of the characters but cannot remember the artists here on deviantart.
IceWings03 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016   General Artist
Thanks for the request :) Arigato!
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