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How I Look (sorta)

By diggyliggy
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mmm that middle Donny though. That's just a pipe dream.
I'd be content to just be light, lean, slim, and mobile. Like I was a few years ago, before I got lazy and started making excuses. 

I may have fetishes that involve bellies and weight gain, but truth is,
I never want to end up one of these enormous, disgraceful Americans that the rest of the world makes fun of, riding the scooter around Wal-Mart, waddling slower than a turtle when they actually try to walk. 
And I don't want to end up an old decrepit person who can barely move, either. 

Gotta use it, or you lose it! 
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Aw Donny is so cute hehe ☺

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I understand completely. 
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X) i'm sure most of us feel like this from time to time

never quite being satisfied with ourselves, always trying/hoping to get a little better. 
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Well depend on your frame, I wanted the b the middle one but my frame just doesn't allow that so I ended up looking more bear like. Also cute! I like my men to have a bit of belly so you would work out in my case anyway.  Well ya don't have to but I do like a bit of belly versus men with big bellies.
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if I really, really hit the gym hard as a motherfucker I'd look like the middle frame.
maybe not as big, but the general shape. 
but i am so terminably lazy
at this point in my life I'd just be happy to get rid of the gut and maybe slim down to about 12-16% bodyfat.
not even worried about big muscles,
just mobility and good cardiovascular health. which, I do have, I mean I'm hardly a land whale, but I could be a lot fitter.
A lot more shall we say, aesthetically pleasing. 
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Well Good luck with that. It can be hard to keep at it.
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Awwww, you still a cutie-pie! ^_^
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