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COM: Power Drag

By Diggerman
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So yeah, got yet another commission featuring a female to male drag queen transformation, this time with a certain Earth-2 kryptonian girl exposed to a mysterious piece of Kryptonite.

By the way, I don't mean to flood the page with nothing but drag tf but when the commissions I get are all drag based, this is the type of content I gotta upload.  :p
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God is be so hot if power girl just got thicker, bustier and grew a dick 😌

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ah yes love power girl but love her more now as a even more sexy drag queen love to see more super babes like power girl becoming even sexy drag queens <3

sonia82sarkar's avatar

All hail the (drag) Queen! ^w^

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With a bulge like that, I think the leotard should be cut a little lower on the legs like a granny panty.

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No complaints here~!

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I see nothing wrong with drag tf; it's what I'm here to see. : 3

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Um, are you kidding! I love all the drag content!!

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Now Power Gurl will really have some use for that boob window :P

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it's great to see you posting here again your drag TG art is what got me into the genre

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Gives me a couple of ideas
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nice one. definitely a favourite.

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Omg yes this is amazing I love it do you do commissions

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This is new. Nice touch using Power Girl and turning her drag.

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Lol I miss the old tg content but this is fun too

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