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Wolfhound - old age



HeroMachine Rocks!!! A Villain Concept.…

Name: Friedrich Cornelius Rotwolf
Alias: Wolfhound
Age: 64
Profession: Villain/Mercenary
History: One of the most outstanding members of the Empowerds, An alleged crime orgenizetion consist only of people with super powers. Rotwolf's Family moved to the U.S from Germany when he was 10 years old, after selling their Farm. but luck didn't shine on the family, and Friedrich's father was fired from his job, started drinking and gambling, and got into deep debts, so in order to pay off his father's debts, Friedrich, now 16 years old, agreed to work for the loan Sharks, and so begun Wolfhounds Violent Life of crime, he became known as one of the most ruthless Mercenaries to walk the streets, with a special fondness for torturing his Victims.
after the faild criminal uprising, and the Templars short Reign, Rotwolf has disappeard from the world, until he heard news of his children, that he never knew he had. and so he came back to take them away and teach them the rules of their natuer... wether they like it, or not.

"We are what we are! the rules of MEN cannot change that! beneath it all we are all ANIMALS"

Powers: Enhenced Endurance, strength and agillity, hightend senses

(sorry for any mispelling)
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