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HeroMachine Rocks!!! A Hero Concept. [link]

Name: Maria Logan
Alias: StormCrow
profession: Hero
Age: 27
History: Born to the world of the Rich and famous, Maria Logan could have lived a comfort life, insted, her and her housband traveld the world, and lived their life to the full, but all good things must come to an end. when her philanthropist housband was assassinated, she went after his killers by herself, using every bit af knowledge and skill she acquired over the years, she found the killers and brought them to justice. when she was done, she knew that she could never go back to her normal life, that all her life she was looking for purpose for herself, and now, she's finally found it, she became - Stormcrow.

Powers: None. Well trained in many kinds of martial arts

(sorry for any mispelling)
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Kinda like Batgirl...