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HeroMachine Rocks!!! A Hero Concept. [link]

Name: Watari Aikuro
Alias: Ronin
profession: Hero
Age: 35
History: Watari Aikuro lived a life of service, after ten years in the Japanese army, and five more years as a body guard to a leading Japanese Scientist, Aikuro was no less then a modern Samurai. but when his client was Assassineted, and he was framed for his death, sending him on the Run as an outlaw, Watari chose to seek revenge against those who ruind his life. now his Journey lead him to the city of New-York, Drowing Ever closer to his target, he will not stop, he will not rest, he will show them they messed with the wrong Man!

"there is nothing to say! words mean nothing, Actions speak louder"

Powers: None. Well trained in many kinds of Martial arts, Use Duel Hi-Tech Katanas,
wears a reflexes Agumenting Suite and helmet.

(sorry for any mispelling)
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