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HeroMachine Rocks!!! A Villain Concept.…

Name: Eduardo Jasus Martinez
Alias: Firestorm
profession: Villain, drug dealer
Age: 25
History: gang leader and drug dealer turn super-Villian when he learn he could burst into flames.

Powers: preduces fire from entire body
can use the fire as projectile.
NO resistance to fire and heat, he feels himself burning, and his body is blistered and burned, he Can't Ignite himself, he must absorb flames to empower himself.

(sorry for any mispelling)
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How did you do the lighting?
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you mean the circles on his chest? Background/shapes and either one of the circles with the fadind effects at the center.

did that helped?
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Question: can he re-absorb flames into his body, then use them for energy?
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I don't see a reason way not