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So you want to make plushies? A beginner's guide

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Phew, finally decided that this was good enough to publish! Only took like 10-20 readings after my initial rough draft.

Anyway, here's a guide I threw together for people who want to sew but have absolutely no idea where to start. I wrote this guide in a way which would've been most helpful to me back in May, when I decided to start sewing but didn't really know much besides mashing pieces of fabric together. Naturally the guide is written from my own perspective and experiences in sewing; ask other plushie makers and they'll have a whole different set of experiences and advice to share.

I tried to make the guide as comprehensive as possible, but one thing I didn't do was include links to resources. The reason for this is that links and videos can become outdated all the time, and part of the process of learning is being able to go out and find these resources. Nonetheless, one of the best resources I can recommend is Metroidhat's site, which gives not only visual instructions on how to do stitches but also some good step-by-step tutorials. I found myself going back there all the time when I was starting out.

If you have any questions, comments, or objections, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message! I wrote this guide to help people out, and I'd love to help out however I can! (Although I can't give my patterns away.) Speaking of which, if I get bored, I might release some sort of guide documenting my pattern-making process. It won't be any time soon but I figure it's something which people are interested in and that I'd like to write about. Be warned though, it's going to involve some pretentious math terminology =P

That's all. Happy New Year! 2014's gonna be a good year, I can tell.

Edit: Holy crap, 100 favorites already! I had no idea there'd be this big of a response. Thanks guys!
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i wish it were 2014 again

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Useful to make my OC plush, my friends actually wanna make my Famous by making a plush of my OC lol...

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this tutorial is a blessing,, many thanks!!
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thank you for the tutorial
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Thank you so much for making this tutorial!!
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You are a GODDESS. 

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He's a boy actually, so it should be GOD, but I agree, it's a very good tutorial. 
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I'm favoriting this in hopes i can make a plush too
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For people who suddenly change their mind about wanting the plushie, you can always take a deposit from them in the beginning Happy 
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I have some software that designs plush dolls (easytoy/patternimage)  only problem is that I don't know which machine to go with >.<   Here's my specs:

-Want a good size area for embroidery.
-To be able to embroider custom images (my own digital art, including eyes/mouth for plush and then other designs things for bags and clothes)... none of that limited stuff where you can only use patterns built into the machine.
-I think there's machines that use software that is "pay per month"  and I'd like to avoid that... one that accepts some kinda open format where you don't have to pay monthly.
-Cheap!!! Budget between 300-500.
-MUST be a combo sewing and embroidery.

Would be grateful to your suggestion :)

Note, I was looking at the Ruby Royale, that looks like the ultimate machine... except it's over 2000 dollars lol.. If I generate enough money with my projects, I'll definitely buy that, but for now, looking for a cheap solution that does all the listed :D  Thanks!!!
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Hey I know this is from ages ago, but I'm trying to find out how to get PatternImage.. Any leads on how to get hold of it..?

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This was SO HELPFUL. I’m making merchandise to support my YouTube Chanel and my viewers tell me they want a plush... so, I managed to make one using this guide! THANK YOU!
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I haven't read all the tuto yet, but from what I've seen and heard it's really helpful! I want to try, so someday I'm sure to use it and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge, that's awesome! :huggle:
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You've inspired me, thanks so much for this guide, STAY AWESOME!
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Thank you for this guide and help, I would love to start making plushies. :3
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Wow bless up for this
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I never thought about sculpting a 3D model and then attaching/cutting fabric to get the pattern pieces *0* Thank you for this. I'm new to this plushie business and this answered a lot of my questions I had!
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This is SO amazing.
Thank you very much for this guide !

I have a question about embroidy eyes and things. How to you put them on the plush ? Simply by sewing them together ?
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hah, I knew deviantart would know.
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found you bich
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So I have a few questions for you . Do you hand embroider your eyes or machine? and if you do use a machine what type of machine?
I just would like to know because I am wanting to purchase an embroidery machine.

Thank you for your time.:) (Smile) 
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