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I know I've been inactive once again. I really don't have time or feel like drawing. I've started in a trade school, and that takes my time. And a person very close to me died recently. So that's the business.
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I don't know if I should have a party or go beat the hell out of a punching bag, but I have over 700 job applications ( actually it's now 704 ) and I've tried 9 times to get a degree place. Yep yep.
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I'm not dead...

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..not yet. Anyway, I've once again been inactive ( surprise surprise ) becaus of my physical health, but I guess I'm getting better or then I'm just going to get used to this crap. The second reason is, work. I had a half year contract, but they couldn't continue it because of bad economy situation. And here really aren't enough universities of applied sciences ( and because of budget cuts teachers loses their jobs ) so it's kinda fucked up situation. Oh well, maybe I try to be a bit more active here then.
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happy birthday! :)
Happy Birthday dear :hug:
Hello :aww:
I have no clue if you remember me but I wanted to say "Hi" to you, after a damn long absence from this site.
I do remember you, in fact. What's up?
:blush: That's awesome to read.
Believe me, I am glad that at least a small number of people I used to interact here years ago, are still on here.
Wow, now that I realize how long it has been since we've talked the last time, I realize how much has happend.
Long story short: ATM I am quite statisfied with life. I have a steady job, a small apartment and I can afford to travel around the world ... well here I would have inserted an *points at gallery* but I still need to look through a bunch of pictures from the last years. But during the next days I will upload some of them.

I get the chills when I think of all the wonderful pictures I have taken in Berlin ... Haus am Wannsee is all I say here xD

And how are you doing? I sincerly hope that life is treating you well :hug:
I do remember quite a lot of people I used to talk to.
Oh where do you work, may I ask? That sounds awesome :D

Weeell there's been a lot of downs and a few ups. I've got diagnosed with a few sicknesses, been in the funerals got a job and I've got now kinda great cabinet of curiosities.
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