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The Lutenist

A minstrel.

You can see a close-up here:

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I like the way this work has a feel of classical art. The choice of the Lute fits perfectly into that theme.

To me the key to this piece is the fact the horse to human transformation being hidden behind the instrument. I am assuming that was on purpose. The fact that you are painting a centaur in not immediately obvious and it adds to the impact when the viewer realizes what is being presented. That turns what would be a mundane scene into something that catches the eye.

If I was to make any improvement I would have placed the fingers on her right had to actually be in a strumming position.

Very nice work.
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Thanks for your thoughtful critiques! To be honest, the fact that the lute covers the human to horse intersection wasn't really planned; that was just the most natural place for the lute to be. Afterwards I realized I could have had it more to the side but by then I wasn't willing to repaint everything.
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love it thank yo for sharing!!Love 
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No thank you! :heart: :D
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Female centuar, yay!
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I love centaurs! :la:
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Me too!  And I always get super excited when I see a female one depicted cause they don't show them often enough!  Female centaurs are gorgeous and tough at the same time! :heart:
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Just beautiful character and background. Great composition. :)
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Very cool! I love the way you paint and shade things! It's really gorgeous. :heart: Fantastic detail on that lute!!
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Thank you! Lutes are so awesome :D
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*takes a breath* ok. here goes on my critique, which this isnt much of one, more like praise on such amazing work. :D

First off, I love the color work... truly a realistic and wonderful job. The way the coat shines on her horse end, its remarkable. Especially in the chest region its almost a glowy effect. Also her facial expression has depth & emotion. The rock too have great detail, we can see every detail, every crack and crevice, quite natural looking :nod:

As for anything to critique, I can only say that perhaps the human bit and the horse bit could have been blended together abit more. It looks as if its just cut off right in the middle. I do understand that the instrument hides it, but there could have been some blending below the instrument it would have made just the little bit of difference. Anyways well done. :clap: Its a beautiful piece & I'd love to learn more from your works. :dummy:

I really hope I helped in some small way. :meow:
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Thank you for the detailed feedback! Yeah the cut-off between the horse and human is such a problem in this piece. I really wish I had foreseen that and moved the lute to the side so we could see it because that area is kind of really important to the whole centaur concept. I did change the horse anatomy below the lute to make it human-ish, but it's too subtle for anyone to notice. Oh well, next time I'll do better. :nod: I should probably do another centaur piece just to make up for that, lol. Thanks again, I really appreciate that you took the time to write all that out for me! :hug:
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your welcome. Thank you for all your help too. ahh I think just a little to the left would have made the smallest difference. But all in all its really brilliant. :D & also im glad you didnt make the horse below the lute too noticeable bc it might make it look odd. I'm not really sure. if you do it again I'd like to see :D
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I highly enjoy the fantasy aspect of your work. It's truly lovely and really captures a certain mood and atmosphere. Truly beautiful, keep up the awsome work :)
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What a gorgeous piece of art!
The horse body is so realistic i could totally imagine her galloping around and playing her lute!!
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Your welcome and thanks for the llama too!!! :D
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