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My Painty Paint Brush Set

This is a set of 21 brushes for a painted texture to a Photoshop painting. Two of the wet brushes (wet round 1 and wet flat 1) came with my version of Photoshop; the others are mine. Made in Photoshop CS2.

Two quick tips regarding the brushes that have the dual brush setting turned on:

:bulletblue: If you want a finer texture, lower the diameter of the texture brush in the dual brush settings. A larger diameter will give you a chunkier texture. (Screenshot of the setting I'm talking about: )

:bulletblue: And the other thing is, these brushes work best with a high opacity and low flow. The lower the flow, the dryer the brush will appear and the more your texture will show through. How low you set the flow depends on how thick you want the paint to appear.


:bulletblue: Use as you please, wherever you please.
:bulletblue: You don't need to credit me, link back to me, or fave this dev to use.

More resources:…

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Other work:
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I am waiting for the arrival of my graphic tablet to abandon my mouse pad once and for all, thank you very much for the brushes, it is appreciated!

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You're welcome! I hope you got your tablet and that you're having fun getting to know it 💖

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hi, thanks for the good vibes but my tablet was smashed 72 hours after reaching my hands because my sister's children blew it up, I still had fun using your brushes and they became my favorites, I love you

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Ooomg that sucks, I'm so sorry 😭😭😭

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does it work with CC or just CS2?

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I've been using them on CC.

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You're welcome! (And sorry for the late reply <3 )

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Happy to help!

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My pleasure!

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thank you very much for sharing!
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You're so very welcome! I hope you find them useful <3

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can they be used for medi bang
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Sorry, I think they only work for Photoshop :(
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it is ok dear
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Love these brushes! Only been using them for an hour and I adore how they make my paintings look :D

Thanks for sharing these //checks post date// 8 years ago xD
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LOL you're welcome! I'm glad people are still discovering them and finding them useful :love:
How kind to share and thank you!
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You're welcome! I hope it's helpful to you :)
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