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January 10, 2013
[Stock and Resources] Frosted Glass Brush by *dierat
Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
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Frosted Glass Brush

This is a small pack containing 1 Photoshop brush file and 1 high res png texture file.

This is the brush I used to make the texture seen in the stained glass in this image:

along with the texture layer that I used the brush to make. You can use the texture layer on its own, alter the texture layer using the brush, or make a new texture layer from scratch using the brush.


:bulletblue: Use as you please, wherever you please.
:bulletblue: You don't need to credit me, link back to me, or fave this dev to use.

More resources:…

Other custom Photoshop brushes:

Other work:
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You're welcome!
flightedbird's avatar
Oh, that's kickass man! Fantastic idea!
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SweetLittleVampire's avatar

I used your brush here:

Thanks for sharing! :D
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Shun the non beleiiiverrr, charlieeeee...
JKPieGuy's avatar
Some one has to say this and I guess it will be me..
but heyyy it's a "Crystal Pony" !!!
joeltonongkh's avatar
Aesthetic and neatly executed indeed.
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Oh, they stole my kidney again. >:\
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"Gotta be sneaaaaky, charlie!"
"Yeah, charlie, gotta be SNEAKY!"

"There's no way I can do that with my legs."
1Delta3Grim7's avatar
Lol..Well if you need me I'll be at candy mountain.
koujackass's avatar
Shun the non-beleiver, charlie! c:
1Delta3Grim7's avatar
SShhhuuuuunnnnn, Heheh. Funny!. Ring ring?
koujackass's avatar

ring ring

h-he, hello?

PookaWitch's avatar
Ooo, this will be handy. Thank you!
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You're welcome! :)
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it looks like the charachter on robot unicorn attack i played that before and now im the MASTER at it
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Congrats on your Daily Deviation!:squee::heart:
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