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This piece is a metaphor for self-reflection and the relative nature of memory. In your world, you are the hero: your life is your own epic tale. But your memories are what you make of them, and sometimes - if you look longer and harder at the features of your past - you may catch a glimpse of a villain.

In this painting, the dragon and the color red represent the ‘villain’ or wicked creature whereas the unicorn and the color green portray the ‘hero’ and a noble spirit. The headdress is based on the heart-shaped hennin… which was worn by upperclass ladies in Europe during the middle ages. In this image, the headpiece is worn to camouflage the horns and make them appear to be a decorative accessory.

Here's the brush I used to make the texture on the glass in the background:

Reference for the horse:

Other work:
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Very lovely portrait. I liked your description of the metaphor (I am crazy into symbolism of pictures, so you got me there) it gives one a completely different perspective of what he is looking at. I did not notice the horns, glad you explained, I thought it is part of the hat. The horse looks wonderful, the light is great and the lady looks very realistic, like a photo. Great job.
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Thank you so much; I really enjoyed reading your comments! :love: It's too bad the horns are not more obvious because that was my main inspiration for the piece. Maybe one day I'll come back to this idea and take a closer point of view so that detail is more apparent to the viewer. Thanks again for your wonderful feedback! :heart: 
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You are most welcome. Have a nice time!
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The light is beautiful, her fabric is beautiful, the folds... oh lord, the folds... /insane.
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I like the lights and colors! :)
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it! ;)
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Wow, amazing details! Beautiful color palette, too. I love the lighting. Pieces like this, where there's artwork within the artwork, are so cool! :D
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Thank you, you're so sweet and your kind words really made my day! :hug:
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gorgeous! The light is so natural, and the colors!
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I love how natural the light looks in this work. You're very good at using light and shadows.
The various textures in the work are very interesting. There's the woman's skin, the different types of cloth, the wall, and it all looks very good, very natural.
What I like the most is the unicorn. You used the reference photo quite well.
Something you might want to reconsider, though, are the beams of light. I feel like they are a bit too harsh, a bit too bright. In this, I think I prefer how you did the light in the previous version of this work. There it is softer, with a bit of a glowing effect, and I think that would work better here.

All in all, though, I have to say you are very talented. I hope you'll keep up the great work :D
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Thank you so much for the detailed comment! Yeah I know the sunbeams are kind of the weak link of the piece - I went back and forth over whether to have them more subtle or more obvious. In the end I choose this version because I felt it had more atmosphere and was more visually striking because of the high contrast, but I understand that it's still the weakest element. (Honestly the piece just wasn't very well planned and I'm happy I got it this far ;)) Thanks again! :hug: :)
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You're very welcome :D
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Stunning <3!! you're very talented *-*.
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Wow, thanks! And thanks for the :+devwatch:! :love:
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The light is gorgeous!! I love her skin!
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wonderful work, stained glass if an effect you don't see being painted very often, but it looks so beautiful here!
the way you draw fabric is simply magical, it looks as if i could pick it up and let it run through my fingers.
Keep up the standard, i look forward to following your work :)
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Thank you very much! :love: :heart:
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I love the background. Cubism type art is really coming up in the world!
Nice job with the folds of the dress too, that's one of the worst things I can draw :XD:
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Thanks! I worked very hard on the fabric so I really appreciate that! :la:
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Nice job on the lighting. I like her outfit and the stained glass window. :wow:
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