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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 31, 2011, 2:24 PM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

Ok, first journal entry for decades x'D
Hades, my dear, you will badly regret tagging me :D
(ok, joke – i love those stupid little questionnaires ...... aaaaaaand, that's my first tag ever *_* :3)

I was tagged by :iconhadesdestroyer:

The rules:
1. You must post 10 different questions, but they must be your own questions, don't copy anyone else's questions.
2. You must then tag 10 people who must answer your questions (which you cannot answer yourself) then ask 10 different questions. Go to their page and tell them they have been tagged.
3. They can be random questions but mustn't be anything rude.
4. After you post, please note me with a link or thumbnail, so it can be included to this journal also.

So here's what I got:

1.) Do people say you're weird?
Of course, they do, cause I am.

2.) What do you love most about yourself?
Tough question ... it varies with my mood. Maybe loyalty.

3.) Which song is your head playing right now?
Just started when I read the question: Dead or Alive – You spin me right round ....... usually it's North Sea Gas – The Lord of the Dance

4.) Would you date someone of the same sex?
Hahahahahahahaha. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever! *flag of irony*

5.) What's your favorite quote?
Another tough question cause there are so many great quotes. Can I at least choose 3?
»Doko ni yukeba ii anata to hanarete.« –Yoshiki Hayashi
»Cause everything that you are is everything there is.« —Chris Corner
»The advantage of emotions is that they lead us astray.« —Oscar Wilde

6.) Which country would you like to live in?
JAPAN – no, wait, much too much stress ........ ah, Germany's okay.

7.) What do you fear most? (Don't go saying "dementors"!)
Aaaah, you spoil-sport. Okay, so death itself and all what leads to it.
(Shut up, Hades, don't you dare to say life now!)

8.) Can you do something your friends can't?
Uhm ... being exceedingly tedious :D

9.) What is your favorite scent?
Don't you have any un-tough questions?! – Hmm ... maybe a freshly washed soft bed <3

10.) Do you think I just should have p*ssed off and NOT tagged you?
YES!!!! ò___ó

(No, joke :D My first tag ever, hooray!!)

Here are my questions for you:

1.) Most important goes first: You like cookies? :3
2.) Imagine you have to defend yourself against your enemy. Choose a weapon!
3.) Which of the arts (painting, music, photos, writing, ..........) is your favourite and why?
4.) Follow the white rabbit – where will it lead you?
5.) Fast or slowly?
6.) Your profession (what is it? :3) is you passion?
7.) You like Smileys? *_*
8.) You have 2 hours in a giant Zoo which is impossible to visit completely in this time. Which animals would you visit?
9.) Would you sacrifice something dear to you if it helps someone dear to you?
10.) Last and least: Lemon drop? :3

Persons who have the honour of being tagged :D
:iconjumpingjack13: :iconyilanja: :iconbrianelf: :iconillfated-by-kim: :iconsags: :iconayame-kurenai-sama: :iconnananaivety: :iconlouisalings: :iconzisselina: :iconfrozensoulscage:

:iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconayame-kurenai-sama: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

My love:

My pet

My religion:

My obsessions:

  • Listening to: computer fan
  • Reading: too much
  • Watching: Madagascar again, probably
  • Playing: around
  • Eating: Oreo flavoured Milka
  • Drinking: V-Coke

That's quite cool!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 17, 2010, 2:35 PM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat


I'm proud and happy right now! ^___^ *jumps around*

Recently I had the chance to take some »Live in Concert« photos and posted them here on dA. Those were pictures of five different bands which took part in a contest here in Mittweida, Saxony (Germany). One of them was the Death Metal band  »The last hangmen«, which eventually won the contest.
By coincidence, the singer of this band discovered the photos on my dA account and wrote me a comment. I was incredibly happy he liked a pic (back then only two pics were online) and I promised to edit and upload the missing pics soon.
Two days ago I did so and send him a comment to inform him.

Tonight he replied and said to me, he liked the pics and used one of them for the official Myspace website of the band as a header pic. Additionally, if you click on the picture you'll be redirected to my dA page *____*

Here you can see the band Myspace:

This is the photo used as a header pic:
BC2010 - 25 The last hangmen by DieNaerrin

Yippieh!!! :w00t:

:iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconayame-kurenai-sama: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

My love:

My pet

My religion:

My obsessions:

  • Listening to: Digion and other Anime songs
  • Reading: ---
  • Watching: ---
  • Playing: With my angel :D
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Apple Spritzer

Another random dA questionnaire

Journal Entry: Wed May 26, 2010, 9:51 AM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

Stolen from :icon11-73-3-33:

What does your deviantart name mean and why did you join this site?
My name means »the fool« and it totally describes what I am ;) I chose this nickname a while ago and used it on several boards and chats … so I took it here, too. Now I'd rather like to change it to SaKi_Violet cause this is the name I use for two years now when it's about online stuff [some people I know in reality and online call me »SaKi« too :D that's kinda irritating XD]

How many watchers do you have now?
45 :heart:

Name 3 of your favorite artists on DA.
:iconluleiya: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin:

Do you comment, fave, or both?
It depends. If it's something I really like an have nothing particular to say I usually only fave. *quotes*

Do you participate in clubs' contests here on DA?
Not really ....... I did a quick icon for a group I joined [just to have my conscience quite XD] and it won the competetition XDDDDD but I didn't participate in any other contest …

What is your most popular deviation?
Most comments:
New ID by DieNaerrin
Most favs:
Stamp Insane and damn proud by DieNaerrin
Most viewed:
ASP Wallpaper 02 by DieNaerrin

What are your favorite non-anime TV shows?

What are the things you wish you could draw better?
I wished I could DRAW generally :D

Summer or winter?
Can I have spring?

Rain or Sun?
Both, please …

What's your favorite type of music?
Progressive/Speed Metal, J-Rock :heart: :headbang:

PC or Mac?
At home I have a PC but I kinda like Mac and wanna have one in future …

Anime or Manga?
*looks at her 700+ manga in the cupboard*stares at the 40+ GB of manga on her harddisc*
*compares them to the haveforgottenhowmuchbutdefinitelyless anime in her cupboard and on her harddisc*
Tells it all, I guess :D

Coke or Pepsi

Read or TV?
Reading ...... but without TV/films I couldn't live either ^^

How many hours a day do you spend on DA?
Less than an hour, probably.

Name a hidden talent.
I show all my talents :D

Flash or traditional cartoons?

What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

What are your top 3 favorite books?
Hard choice .......... »The Vampire Armand« by Anne Rice; »Das Parfüm« [the perfume] by Patrick Süßkind and »Tod und Teufel« [death and devil] by Frank Schätzing, maybe.

Wii or Playstation?
Game Boy Color |D

Name 3 of your favorite bands.
X-Japan, GACKT, ASP - and so many more x___x

Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?
I'm incredibly impatient :D But sometimes I'm kinda slow ..... so ...... maybe this makes me medium at all?!

What is your favorite emoticon?
:D *quotes* [if counts which I am using most]

What do you want to be now?

What character would you hate to be stuck in a room with?
Any female character from any Anime/movie :D except those played by Helena Bonham Carter :D :heart:

When is your birthday?
December 6th

Favorite type of ice cream?
Dunno, I'm not such an ice cream freak …

Last book you read?
»The Picture of Dorian Gray« by Oscar Wilde.

Do you buy / sell / both on eBay?
Sold some stuff a while ago, but mostly I'm buying.

What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
»Does it make you hot if some boys are raped in the ass?! Cause you're writing about such stuff.«

Favorite all time TV show?

What was your favorite show as a kid?
omg, this was waaaayyyyyyy too much – and I still like many of them XDD

What are you listening to right now?
Lol, Simpsons The Movie :D 

What is the last thing you ate?
Apple puree <3

Favorite sport to play?

Favorite day of the year?
No specific …

Chocolate or vanilla?
Cookies :D

Favorite Board Game?
No specific …

Favourite Day of the Week?

Favourite phrase?
You are my pleasure, you are my pain – my piece of infinity, you drive me insane.

Favourite Restaurant?
Dunno :D

Favourite animal?
Cat? :3

Favourite thing to do outside?
Photograph …

Favourite thing to do when it's raining?
Being inside watching it :D

Favourite Disney character?
Waaaaaaay too many :D Maybe Mulan.

Do you like coffee? If so, what kind?
Hate it ^^

:iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconayame-kurenai-sama: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

My love:

My pet

My religion:

My obsessions:

  • Listening to: ---
  • Reading: ---
  • Watching: The Simpsons The Movie
  • Playing: ---
  • Eating: Apple Puree
  • Drinking: Coke

Random dA questionnaire

Journal Entry: Sun May 16, 2010, 8:14 AM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

Stolen from :iconluleiya: ^___^

1) Answer the questions below
2) Take each answer and type it into dA search box
3) Take a deviation from the first page of results (may use ' popular' or 'newest' ) and post thumb (for subscribers) or link (non-subscribers)
4) You can't copy the persons answers who posted this before you

1. The age you will be on your next birthday:
+Day 24+ by semokan

2. A place you'd like to travel:
Tokyo Night by eloque

3. Your favorite place:
Heaven in Her Arms - WALL by axcy

4. Your favorite object:
Manga Obsession? by GoChan22

5. Favorite food:
.. no cookies by SrtaAiko

6. Your favorite animal:

7. Your favorite color:
Pink by vilsen

8. The town/state/etc in which you live:

9. Name of past pet:

10. A dream come true:
X Japan by LannySu

11. Your nickname/screenname:

12. Middle name:

13. Favorite Smell:
Fruity Madness by mkirby712

14. Bad habit of yours:
Lazyness by tashi08

15. Your first job:
Media Zone by JK89

16. Favourite Movie:
Charlie and Mr. Wonka by pippipippitama

17. What are you doing right now?

18. Whats The Weather Like?

19. Favourite Sport:
Volleyball by SrWilson

20. Favourite Music/Style/Band:
see dream come true ;)

:iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconayame-kurenai-sama: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

My love:

My pet

My religion:

My obsessions:

  • Listening to: ---
  • Reading: ---
  • Watching: SHREK 3
  • Playing: ---
  • Eating: ---
  • Drinking: Vanilla Coke


Journal Entry: Fri May 7, 2010, 9:05 AM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

This is my first feature ever but I hope I will do well ;)

I know, the season is almost over but when I walk/bike through my little city, I always pass some beautiful wild cherry trees. They're still in full blossom. Some are pure white with a deep pink middle, some are soft pink all over.
This reminded me on a very talented Japanese photographer who I follow since my very first days here on dA. I love his works and always find something amongst his pics that touches me. Or that I find simply beautiful.

Let this be enough of the introducing words ;)

This feature is about
and his wonderful 桜の花 [sakura no hana – cherry blossom] pics!

sakura blossom storm by jyoujo solitaire leaf by jyoujo moments of our lives by jyoujo flying high by jyoujo shadows by jyoujo sunny sakura by jyoujo a japanese heart by jyoujo nothing is ordinary by jyoujo little wishes by jyoujo Vanilla Sky by jyoujo :thumb156591797:

Please visit his gallery here:
I'm sure you'll find amazing photos :)

:iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconayame-kurenai-sama: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

My love:

My pet

My religion:

My obsessions:

  • Listening to: LAREINE&nbsp; Sakura
  • Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Watching: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
  • Playing: Game Boy Color :D
  • Eating: Apple slice
  • Drinking: Vanilla Coke

LLAMAS *___*

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 1, 2010, 2:59 AM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

omg, I LOVE llamas *_*
:llama: :llama: :llama: :llama: :llama: :llama: :llama: :llama: :llama:

Please gimme some llama badges! I will return them of course ^^

Love you dA for this 1st April *_*

:iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconayame-kurenai-sama: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

My love:

My pet

My religion:

My obsessions:

  • Listening to: IAMX
  • Reading: dA journals
  • Watching: my printer NOT&nbsp;working
  • Playing: -
  • Eating: *hungraaayyy*
  • Drinking: apple spritzer


Journal Entry: Tue Feb 23, 2010, 12:12 PM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

1. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Vanille & Smurf Blue :D

2. Cable or Satellite?
Dunno … Cable, I guess ^^'

3. Favorite video game recently?
I don't play video games ^^'

4.Two of your best friends are fighting. Your reaction?
Abitrating & calming down. Or join their fight >D

5.Best movie you’ve seen recently?
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (in English :D) … I watch this movie tooooo often … watched it yesterday for 3 (THREE!!) times … 2 times in English, 1 time in German <3

6. Would you walk across broken glass for $100?
Gimme 1.000.000 € and I would!

7.Would you ever rob a bank?
Yeah, why not! Who wanna join? >D

8.Do you plan out your day before it begins?
I think »Ok, you have to do this, that and …« but finally this is no promise that I'm really going to do those things XD

9.Can you fall asleep with your eyes open?
Uhm, not asleep, but dreaming …

10.Winter or Summer?

11.Favorite sport to watch?
Volleyball, Basketball, …

12.You see someone running around naked in the street. Your reaction?
Waving & smiling :3

13.Are the files in your computer well organized or all over the place?
I have a few folders named »Stuff« ^^' But, all in all, I try to get an order in my files XD

14.Where would you most like to be right now?
In Tokyo with my angel <3

15.Who was the last text message in your phone from?
My angel, who else :-*

16.Do you prefer cats or dogs?
I love both *_____* *squeeks* My sis has a uber-cute dog *_* (you can see him on my gallery <3) but if I have to choose which I prefer to have myself, I would choose CATS *_*

16.Is there someone you want to punch right now?
YEAH, a bunch of people! 

17.Do you care about who wins the election?
Yeah, I do. And I use my right to elect. And I wonder how many idiots live in my country to vote for those jerks we have to deal with now …

18.Are you afraid of ghosts?
No, I don't believe there are ghosts …

19.What do you miss most about childhood?
Lack of worries. *quotes*

20.Do you love kids ?
No. *quotes and strikes*

21.How many kids do you want?
Lol? None …

22.Can you cook?
Wanna die?! >D

23.What would you do with a million dollars?
Exchange it for 730780.474 euros. <-- quotes XDDD and after ........ uhm. HAVING IT.

24.How much time do you spend online a week?
Too much ^^'

25.Last time you went bowling?
Last month with my parents ^^

26.Hot or cold weather?
Waaaaaaarm *_*

27.Are you a shop-a-holic?
Not at all … there are just a few things I can spend all my money on …

28.Where were you yesterday morning at 10:30?
Here. Exactly same place, same position.

29.Are you afraid of the dentist?
No, we have good conversations XD (But sometimes yeah, …)

30.Who makes you laugh ?
Too much. I like laughing. But I hate when it's laughter because it's so sad and idiotic what I see X___X

31.Have you been in love?
Who not?

32.What do you think of love?
The strongest feeling is not love but longing. [quote by me]

33.Who's your first love ?
A class mate from first grade XD

34.Are you in a relationship now ?
Only in my mind.

35.Do you believe in love at first sight ?
I think you can be fascinated by someone at first sight and stuff ... but not in LOVE.

:iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconayame-kurenai-sama: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

My love:

My pet

My religion:

My obsessions:

  • Listening to: Bruce trying to get back Grace
  • Reading: Chats with my friends
  • Watching: Bruce Almighty
  • Playing: Awake
  • Eating: Nothing x_x
  • Drinking: Coke

Have a question? Wanna know what I'm up to?

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 17, 2010, 5:05 AM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

Hey dears =)

Y'know I like answering questions or spreading some news or just meaningless stuff :D
So of course I've got a Twitter & a Formspring acc ^-^

I think it's fun - and with my two other Twitter accs I spread news for two befriended musicians ( <-- Y'know, Luminor is the ex-vocal/keyboarder of Cinema Bizarre ;) ... and <-- Emotional Violence is a one man dark electro band from Hamburg, Germany ^^)

My personal tweets are protected so you have to follow me to see what I've got to say :D

And don't be shy! If you wanna know anything about me or my opinion about any matter, just ask me!

I'm waiting for you ^-^


:iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconayame-kurenai-sama: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

My love:

My pet

My religion:

My obsessions:

  • Listening to: Cpt. Jack Sparrow!
  • Reading: Mails from students
  • Watching: Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest
  • Playing: happy
  • Eating: Nothing x_x
  • Drinking: Coke

I'm premium!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 16, 2009, 2:08 AM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

Hey guys,

long time no see! ;)
Just wanted to tell ya I'm premium now :w00t: :boogie: :dalove:

Just installed a pre-made Journal skin till I'm skilled enough to make my own.

Yay! :D :heart:

:iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconayame-kurenai-sama: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

My love:

My pet

My religion:

My obsessions:

  • Listening to: Students mumbling in the commons
  • Reading: DA helpdesk
  • Watching: sunshine &amp; snow outside
  • Playing: ---
  • Eating: my breakfast &amp; a tangerine
  • Drinking: apple spritzer

Baltic Sea

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 17, 2009, 12:54 PM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

Hey dears,

I'm away for 2 weeks from July 18th on.
With my family I will be at the Baltic Sea for holidays.

See ya,

:icongravewalkers: :iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

  • Listening to: Some stuff on TV
  • Reading: three books at one time
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: being in a good mood
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: apple spritzer

Michael Jackson

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 25, 2009, 11:40 PM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

I really couldn't believe it when I turned my radio on this morning and the first I heard was: »Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 tonight.«
I always thought he would ever live or something ... I knew he couldn't ever play those 50 shows he planned for next month ... but I never thought he would die right away.

I'm shocked.
Michael Jackson songs every now and then on the radio stations.

R.I.P. Michael.

:icongravewalkers: :iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

  • Listening to: Radio various Michael Jackson songs
  • Reading: Tweets about MJ's death
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: working
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: cocoa


Journal Entry: Thu Jun 11, 2009, 11:45 AM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

Heya dear friends :heart:

I have been in Vienna from June 5th till June 9th, 2009 :D
So, of course I did a tons of pics & of course a big part of them will never come back to the daylight :D :D :D
The other ones I will edit within the following days & of course I will upload them here step by step.
We visited the central cemetery on my wish and there I fall in love with those wonderful grave statues :heart: :heart: So there will be a lot of grave pics among them ^^

Thanks to an old friend of mine (we went in the same class in elementary school^^) who told me that Photoshop contains a function which arranges Panorama pics automatically. Stupid me!! Why didn't I know?! I did all panorama pix in past by myself =_____= I wish I had known earlier.
So I used this function and in some minutes I will upload some of my Panorama pics I did in Vienna :)

I would be really happy about some comments of you out there =) I don't bite (too hard)! :D :D

Wish you all a nice friday and a relaxed weekend :heart:


By the way, did you notice my new deviant ID? :D


:icongravewalkers: :iconhadesdestroyer: :iconjyoujo: :iconwindylife: :iconmcg0603: :iconthedarksin: :iconkhaoskai: :iconjiuge: :icondeland-fox: :iconlehanan: :iconorpheelin: :iconjumpingjack13:

  • Listening to: Gackt - Tsuki no Uta
  • Reading: my angel's stories
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: chewing gum with melon taste *_*
  • Drinking: apple spritzer


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 27, 2009, 10:20 AM
+ X is my religion

+ J-Rock | Visual Kei | Gothic is my life

+ Design | Writing is my expression

+ Music is the blood in my veins

+ Love, longing and depression are my heartbeat

You’re a 90’s kid if:

You remember watching
[ ] Kenan and Kel
[x] Doug
[x] Ren & Stimpy
[x] Pinky and the Brain
[x] Rockos modern Life
[x] Animaniacs
[x] Gargoyles
[x] Hey Arnold
[ ] Out of the Box
[ ] Bear in the Big Blue House

[x] You’ve ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!"
[ ] You just cant resist finishing this . . ."In west Philadelphia born and raised..."

You remember:
[ ] Step by Step
[ ] Family Matters
[x] Dinosaurs
[ ] Boy Meets World
[x] Full House

[x] You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons.
[x] You remember reading Goosebumps

When everything was settled by:
[x] rock paper scissors
[ x] miss mary mack
[ ] When kick ball was something you did everyday
[x] You used to listen to the radio all day long just to record your FAVORITE song of ALL time on a tape.

[x] You remember Super Nintendos and Sega Genesis
[x] You remember The Original Game Boy [what do you mean with REMEMBER?! i OWN one of course!]
[x] You always wanted to send in a tape to America’s Funniest Home Videos... but never taped anything funny [actually, i never had a video cam .__. that's why]

You remember watching:
[ ] The Magic School Bus
[ ] Wishbone
[ ] Reading Rainbow
[ ] Ghostwriter

[x] You remember when Yo-Yos were cool
[x] You remember those Where’s Waldo books.
[ ] You remember eating Warheads and Splashers Gushers

You remember watching:
[x] Batman the Animated Series
[x] Aladdin
[x] Ninja Turtles
[x] Ghost Busters
[x] You remember Ring Pops (Those are delicious and convenient!)
[x] If you remember when everything was "da BOMB!"

[x] You remember boom boxes .vs. cd players.
[x] Making those little paper fortune cookie things,
[x] and then predicting your life with them

[ ] You played and/or collected Pogs
[ ] You had at least one Tamagotchi, GigaPet, or Nano [nooooooooooo but i always wanted .__.]
[ ] and brought it everywhere u went

You watched the original cartoons of
[x] Rugrats
[ ] Wild Thornberrys
[x] Power Rangers

[ ] All your school supplies were "Lisa Frank" brand

You collected
[ ] Beanie Babies.
[x] Pokemon cards (three japanese teachers presented me a few ^^]
[ ] Carebears
[ ] Silver dollars, which were cool to have

[ ] Everyone watched the WB (The best frikken' channel there ever was!)

[x] When everybody knew all the pokemon by heart.
[x] When digimon was still on. [i watched it today!!!! i'm still in love with this series *_*]

[x] If you even know what an original walkman is... [i still have one .... i think ... uhm ... somewhere ...]

[x] you know the Macarena by heart

[x] "Talk to the hand"

[x] You went to McDonald’s to play in the playplace and it was still sanitary.

[x] Before the MySpace frenzy.
[x] Before the Internet & text messaging.
[x] Before Sidekicks & iPods

[x] Before PlayStation3 or X-BOX 360

[x] Back before X box period

[x] Before Spongebob.

[x] When light up sneakers were cool.
[x] When you rented VHS tapes, not DVDs [what do you mean by RENT?! i RECORDED vhs tapes!]

[x] When gas was $0.95 a gallon.

[x] When we recorded stuff on VCR

[x] You had slap bracelets!
[x] You actually played outside until it was dark!

[x] Way back before we realized all this would eventually disappear...

Post this if you smiled at least more than 5 times. [5 times is too less!]

And if you remember at least half the stuff on here....

Re-post with the year you were born: 1986


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Hey there <3

I have so much to do right now -.- The final exams are in May, I have to prepare for finding a university or a work place ... my website has to be ready for all this ...

Ntl, I hope I can keep updating here ... there are some pix in my pix folder that wait for editing and uploading!

Hope you have a great nice sunny week! <3

Love to you all :heart:

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Anime/Manga Nerd
[x] You watch anime.
[x] You read manga.
[x] You buy/collect anime DVDs or manga volumes
[x] You own some other form of anime/manga merchandise.
[x] You have referred to an anime character as 'hot' before.
[ ] You have cosplayed.
[ ] You have done so in public.
[ ] You have been to an anime/manga convention.
[ ] You have created/joined a fan club for an anime/manga character.
[ ] You have created/joined a hate club for an anime/manga character.
[x] You have squealed when you found out somebody had the same name as an anime character you knew.
[ ] You enjoy drawing anime.
[x] People know you as the 'anime' person.
[x] You know that it is pronounced 'mawnguh' and not 'mAnga' like it is spelled.

Anime/manga nerd: 8/14

[x] You like art.
[ ] You actually consider yourself an artist.
[ ] When using art supplies, the brand of them matters to you.
[ ] You have a favorite brand.
[ ] You have asked for art supplies as a Christmas/birthday gift before.
[x] You give people your drawings as gift
[ ] People actually ask for your drawings.
[ ] You are/were known as 'the art person' at your school.
[x] Instead of just 'brown' or ' pink', you'd be specific; it's 'sienna brown' or 'blush pink'.
[ ] You have taken an art class outside of school.
[ ] You have considered a career as an artist.
[x] Your school papers are always covered in doodles.
[x] You have a favorite artist.
[ ] Your drawings have been framed.
[ ] You carry a sketchbook with you everywhere you go. (when i can)
Art nerd: 5/15

[ ] You play a musical instrument.
[ ] You play more than one instrument.
[ ] You actually really enjoy playing your instrument.
[ ] You've given your instrument a name.
[ ] You've participated in an extracurricular activity for your instrument.
[ ] You are known by what you play.
[x] You listen to classical music.
[ ] You are wondering whether that refers to the classical music genre or the classical music time period.
[x] You have a favorite composer.
[ ] All of your friends are from your band/orchestra class.
[ ] You write music.(i dont write it but i sing my own tune)
[ ] You've had discussions with your friends about music; your favorite composers/instruments/musical time periods/key/etc...
[ ] You have considered a professional career with your instrument.
[ ] You are never nervous playing for other people.
Musical nerd: 2/14

[x] You play video games.
[ ] You own more than 4 different video game systems.
[ ] You've had debates over which system is the greatest.
[ ] You play video games every day.(i used to)
[ ] You have played a video game for over 10 hours.
[ ] You have songs from your favorite video games on your MP3/iPod
[ ] You love to talk about video games.
[ ] You memorize the dates for when a new game is being released.
[ ] People know you as the 'gamer' person.
[x] You spend more time on video games than you do hanging out with friends.
[x] Your gaming system is in your room, not counting portable things like a DS.
[x] You have preferences when it comes to what company your game came from.
[ ] You've had debates over which company is the best.
[ ] You keep playing a game until you beat it.
[ ] It makes you angry when you found out somebody looked up cheat codes on the internet to beat their game.
Video game nerd: 4/15
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A-Z Survey cause theres nothing better to do

A - Available: yes
A - Age: 22
A - Annoyance: toooo much! idiocy, intolerance, no|abstract answers on definite questions, insults without any reason, dullness|lowbrow, screeching fangirls and so much more ...

B - Bestest Friend[s]: Hades! ^__^ <3
B - Birthday: December 6, 1986

C - Crush: uhm ... do Uruha & Yoshiki count? xD
C - Car: none
C - Candy: cookies!!!

D - Day or night: night
D - Dream Car: uhm ... dunno ... something small xD

E- Easiest person to talk to?: didn't get the question .__.
E- Eggs: hard-boiled!

F - Favorite Month: June
F - Favorite color(s): black, winered, nightblue, violet, sometimes pink xD, silver, b/w striped
F - Favorite Memory: I have a few <3

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: COOKIES!!
G - Giver or taker: both ...

H - Hair Color: black w/ red stipes
H - Height: 1,65 metres
H - Happy: w/ my bestest friend <3

I - Ice Cream: hazelnut ^^
I - Instrument: guitar & piano

J - Jewelry: silver rings ... cross pendant
J - Job: media designer|web designer *_*
J - Jail: .__. none?

K - Kids: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~!!! *rans away*
K - Kickboxing or Karate: Karate!
K - Kindergarden: the one I was in was ok ;)

L - Longest Car Ride: dunno ... 9 hours?

M - Milk Flavor: cocoa!
M - Most missed person: my bestest friend .___."
M - Movie: Moon Child (with hyde and Gackt *_*), Howl's moving Castle, Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi ;) and some more ^^ (mostly all about Johnny Depp)

N - Number of Siblings: one
N - Number of Tattoos: none
N - Name: SaKi Violet

O - One Phobia: masses of people
O - One regret: being too impatient

P- Pet Peeves: idiots & nazis!
P- Part of your appearance you like best?: eyes
P- Part of your personality?: caring

Q- Quote: "Call it strange, this is the way we are."
Q- Quick or Slow: uhm ... quick!

R - Reason to smile: getting some nice words from people i like|love
R - Reality TV Show: none >.< (or ... uhm ... does Takeshi's Castle count? xD)
R - Reason to cry: too many

S - Song Last Heard: can't remember but I think it was Reamonn - Million miles
S - Season: spring
S - Shoe: gothic boots! or lacquer gothic plateau boots *_*

T - Time you woke up: 6.40 am (ok, I was really awake half an hour later xD)
T - Time Now: 11.53 am
T - Time for bed: 0.30 am

U - U love someone: of course ... my bestest friend!
U - Unpredictable?: sometimes ;)
U - Underwear: none! .......... haha, joke ;) none of your business

V - Vegetable you hate: no real hate ...
V - Vacation spot: Tokyo|Kyoto|Paris

W- Worst Habits: haha, too many ;)
W- Where are you going to travel next?: to the Baltic Sea in May
W- Weather right now: sunny & nice

X - X-Rays: are going to let us mutate to giant pink ants with scissors as teeth & white spots all over the body xD

Y - Year you were born: 1986, year of the tiger *roar*
Y - Year it is now: 2009
Y - Yellow: silent jealousy

Z - Zoo Animal: uhm ... dunno the english word ^^*
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Hey guys =)

Thank you so much for 1.000 pageviews =^_____^=
*hugs to all who visited me*

I was very busy the last time so sorry for not commenting (there are 227 deviations waiting for me to be seen =____= ...) and for not uploading ...
I hope there will be more time the next 3 weeks ^^

So, thanks again and hope you're all well, dears! :heart:

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"Break the darkness" by X-Japan

"Miscast" by X-Japan

"I'll kill you" by X-Japan
(nice beginning XD)

"Always" by Toshi
(Ultra? xDD)

"Weekend" by X-Japan

"The last song" by X-Japan

"SCARS" by X-Japan

"Give me the pleasure" by X-Japan

"Crucify my love (live)" by X-Japan
( ;___; so right ...)

"Kurenai" by X-Japan
(wääääh ;_; ...)

"Voiceless screaming" by X-Japan
(nothing more to say ...)


"Dahlia" by X-Japan
(whoa!!!!! what a fucking rocking funeral!!!!!!!!!!! time to ressurect!!)

"White Poem I" by X-Japan
(poems ... where did you know?! xD)

"Crucify my love (Instrumental)" by X-Japan
(... yes, I'm dying for sure if it's played once again!!!!)

"X" by X-Japan
(this is all but secret XDDDD it's more like OBSESSION xD)

"Black diamond" by Yoshiki

"EsDur no Piano-sen" by X-Japan
(pling pling??)

"ORGASM" by X-Japan
(btw, this song is live and it's 19 min. long!! xD yeah!)
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Found at night-fates profile ;) I like these silly things XD
So ..... lets throw all my J-Music into Winamp and theeere we gooooo! XD

Ginrei Hydration

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing. (Except only if you want to, adds I.)
6. Have Fun!

"tsumeato" by girugämesh

"GOOD BYE" by hide

"Shikosahoko" by Ayabie

"Dybbuk" by Gackt

"No ni saku hana no yoni (Instrumental)" by Gackt

"Dance with Skeleton" by Velvet Eden

"wake" by Dir en Grey

"Floods of tears" by L'Arc~en~Ciel

"Singin' in he rain" by L'Arc~en~Ciel

"Myaku (8 12 Convert)" by Dir en Grey

"Raven loud Speeeaker" by Nightmare

"Death Wish" by Gackt
(isn't this ironic? XD)

"Koe no hate" by CELLT
(fuckin' rockin' funeral?!)

"BURN" by 12012
(mwaahaha ... I'm a little fire devil)


"cynical Romance" by necro circus

"horoscope#III" by Lareine

"Nanairo Crayon de Egaku Hikari" by An Café

"Ginrei Hydration" by Soroban
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Hey guys ......

I'm really down these days .__.
Everywhere I go there's nothing else than FRUSTRATION.
On work there's frustration ... for weeks we do the same stupid work and there's no end in sight .. and every now and then my boss shows up with some "new great advices" and he's driving us insane.

At home there's only frustration ... there are light moments sometimes, but mostly we're arguing or we're silent or both and my dad tries to be "mighty and above me" and removes my dsl cable from the router. means: no internet at home. stupid idiot -.-

For school there's frustration since I have 50% of my task (preparing for my final exam in May) ready (logo and website) but I have to write a whole concept for these things ... and that's so much ... it has to be ready next weekend ........... and I just don't have time or motivation ._____.

Here in my programming lesson (5 pm till 9.30 pm) there's just frustration since nothing is working as it should -.-

My life is shit.

On top of this I have no ideas for photos or picture edits ........ I'm empty ;_; I hate this.
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