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April O'Neil -Stage 3

This is the third and last piece of three from an anonymous commission. Many thanks man! ;D

She is April O'Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and series. She is a television reporter for Channel 6 News and a major link to the outside world for the turtles. This is the last stage, with April completely changed in her new form.

Enjoy! ;)

Stage 1 here:…

Stage 2 here:…
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LordAltros's avatar

is there anywhere else that you've posted the second stage pic?

acorntops's avatar
Stage 2 appears to be missing. Was it taken down?
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Rubbing slime all over her naked body, willfully mutating herself into a catgirl, all to experience a sexual high...very hot! Excellent sequence of pics.
Jessicawerecat's avatar
I love how you show than she is proud of her new body, and how you show than she is exited! Great job!
TFbeatt's avatar
Awesome sequence man!
Dieleth's avatar
Hey! Many thanks! ;D
TFbeatt's avatar
You deserve it! Hope to see more like this in the future :)
Gorgeous and powerfully sexy artwork 
I love the sexy April 
Dieleth's avatar
Thanks a lot friend! Glad you like her. :D
PJToon75's avatar
Beautiful transformation. Purrfect work! 🐱💚💛
Dieleth's avatar
Yay! Thank you so much man! ;D
PJToon75's avatar
You're welcome.
Dieleth's avatar
Many thanks! ;)
mpz28's avatar
very nice :D (Big Grin) B-) (Cool) Thumbs Up 
Dieleth's avatar
Thank you so much! ;)
denkira7's avatar
What a great pet she would make...
Dieleth's avatar
Be careful! she have sharp nails... :3
denkira7's avatar
I'll train her not to use them on me..if all fails, i'll just cut them short!
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AngelicAdonis's avatar
You're welcome! :D
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