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April O'Neil -Stage 1

This is the first piece of three from an anonymous commission. Many thanks man! ;D

She is April O'Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and series. She is a television reporter for Channel 6 News and a major link to the outside world for the turtles. In this first commission stage she is enjoying a little mutagen bath. :P

I'll be uploading the other two stages during this days. Enjoy! ;)
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Jessicawerecat's avatar
Wow, you really show than she's exited by the liquid!
ArtbroJohn's avatar
Excellent work!
Dieleth's avatar
Many thanks! ;)
Ultamisia's avatar
Dieleth's avatar
Hey, thank you so much!! :D
pharaohyami5000's avatar
Love the Classis April. 2003 version is my second favorite.

Currently up in the air for the other versions though.
Dieleth's avatar
I love that 2003 version too, but classic April will always be the best I think. :3

And thanks for the comment man! ;)
kheidze's avatar
Good work! Congrats!
Dieleth's avatar
Hey! Many thanks man. ;D
ranwolf1976's avatar
hmm... if you go by the canon of the original cartoon, her mutant form should be based on whatever animal she was last in contact with... But she spends most of her time with mutant turtles and rat... it's a bit of a conundrum...
Dieleth's avatar
Well, I'll upload her 2nd stage later today, so you can see for yourself in which kind of animal she's going to transform... :3
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