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MMD - World Is Mine Miku DOWNLOAD

It's been awhile since I've logged on... I apologize for the wait, I didn't realize so many people wanted her. Well, now she is up and ready for download! Be warned, she only comes in .PMX format.

~ Rules ~
Editing is ALLOWED
Distribution is ALLOWED
Crediting is nice, but isn't required

Have Fun!

~ Parts Information ~

3xMaP, Kuroyu, and Pl2. Textures were altered or created by myself.
© 2013 - 2022 DieIrreKatze
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Aaron894's avatar
Very beautiful, thank you
alt-H's avatar
Thank you! She's in my recent video!…
She's so cute!
JadetheStar's avatar
Downloaded! La la la la

Oh, she's .pmx, so I can't use her. Should of read the description first. Sweating a little... 
She performs in my recent video.  (Search for "alt_hata" in youtube to find it.)
She's so cute!
Your name also appears in the video as well as in the video description though they're in Japanese.
Thanks a lot for making her data downloadable!
LilyKittenMMD's avatar
Thank you!! Downloaded ~
AkasakiSaito's avatar
Thank God...I Spent many Hour for found the Pass
but is in here.... -_-
Cuteness-Over-load's avatar
SinginDANCERswag's avatar
What type of model is tda or lat?
She's an Appearance-type. ^^ I saw 3xMa's Appearance Miku, and I wanted to try my had at making a World Is Mine model, since they're so high in demand. = )
SinginDANCERswag's avatar
Thanks i think this type is so cute. I downloaded and she is a really nice model!
aomneko's avatar
Downloaded >w<
It is very cute model. >///<
MikasaAkermanAOT's avatar
Dled she super cute 
DyahKun's avatar
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