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Curled Sun Stripes Brushes

20 Curled Sun Stripes Brushes for Photoshop 7.0!

How many times do you see straight sun stripes? I must admit, I already post some of those today. But don't you think it's time for something different?

Above, you can see some varieties I made, but there are more different varieties in this brushset.
Just use your imagination!!!!

One last thing!
The brushes are big!!!!
So, I don't think you'll complain about that.

Have fun with them.



++ I also got straight "Sun Stripes" as brushset

++ Check my other brushes ++
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oH Loks pretty! I will try them soon! THANK YOU.
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used again here & here, love these brushes :love:
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These are exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks for sharing.
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I was so inspired I already made a piece using these brushes! It can be found here: [link]
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I used your fantastic stock brushes here [link] thanks so much :hug:
Questavia's avatar
I used your fantastic stock to make a manipulation called "princess of Posies" [link] so thank you very much :hug:
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Thank you!! These brushes are great!!
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These were exactly what I needed, thanks a bunch!
Used it here [link]
tnx for sharing...
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This is very helpful. Thank you for making it


& Beautiful.
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Cool you can like use'em as zebra stripes!
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wooooooooow nice! Just what I needed!
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thx great job.....
wow! i love it! my golly!!!! :fork:
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Thank you very much for this!
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Look great. Will credit if I use. Thanks.
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Do they work with CS?
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thanks alot
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Thank you for the cool brushes
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wooooow !°!°!°!°! dude !! just what I was looking for man !!! thanks a lot ! :batman:
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