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Maleficent-Inspired Wand Version 2.0


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Maleficent-Inspired Wand Version 2.0


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Dead Innocence: Tobias Todd 7

Chapter 7: Changing Winds Thunder rolled across the night sky. A light rain drizzled over the maze of Paris streets. Anthony lay awake next to Johanna. He rolled onto his side and curled one of her long blonde curls around his finger. "I love you, Johanna… I love you. Promise me you'll stay here, happy Staying safe here with my daughter I wish I could say I'd return Buried sweetly in your yellow hair…" He kissed Johanna on the forehead and got out of bed. He got dressed, then headed for the door. He stopped and looked over his shoulder. Quickly and quietly he went to his daughter's room. He silently knelt at her bedside. Her long, bl

Tobias Todd

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Who Could See?

A man with fluffy brown hair and bright hazel eyes walked down Fleet Street. The corner of his mouth turned up slightly and he stepped lightly. He couldn't help but be happy on a beautiful day like this. He dressed simply: a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbow and some brown pants. He had a bag slung over one shoulder. He took in London for the first time. The city was alive. The crowded street and little shops were charming. The man had never been to such a big city before. From the second he stepped off the boat, he loved London. There was no place like it. Fresh out of schooling, he was ready to get a job and rea

Other Sweeney Todd Fandom

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Macavity's Not There


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Green Strobe

First, he changed. He sat beside her, watching Watching as joy trickled from her eyes The way she looked up at him, wondering, hurting A wonder she didn't dissolve like mist The movie cast down light, only green And she cried on his shoulder in light flashes She sat across the room, watching Watching as he took notes The way his strong hand held that little pencil A wonder it didn't snap in half Eyes that sometimes looked green Eyes that only gave way to truth in flashes You took her aside, watching Watching her eyes, testing the waters The way she couldn't look straight at you, blushing A wonder she wasn't giggling like a sc


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Dancer in the Night

Ben looked up from his laptop. It was late, he should have gone home a long time ago. He yawned, closing the computer. He'd been having alot of late night stays latley, ever since-- well. He slipped the strap of his bag over his shoulder and walked out into the dark band hall. The security light was still on, shining by the door, the only light in the room. He looked around. For some reason, he seemed reluctant to go. Usually a day of work was enough, and by 5:00 he couldn't wait to get home. Something was holding him there, like there was something left unfinished, like he was still looking for something. Something was lost, and he didn't w

Other Writings

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The Marquis de St. Cyr is Dead

Dear Friend, I am starting to worry. Last week, they took the marquis de Rousseau and his wife. They are coming ever nearer. Please help. If anyone can, it’s you. -G. The marquis de St. Cyr set down the pen. It was late, very late. He would have to wait until morning to send the letter. He strode nervously around his study, knowing sleep would not soon find him. He looked at his reflection in the black glass of a window that looked out on the garden. He was a mess, very out of his character. It bothered him, though no one would call at this ungodly hour. His wife and children were all sleeping, and he was very much alone. He is tired


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My Star of Friends

Misc. Photography

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What It Takes

Random Drawings

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FLAGMAN: Issue 1 - Page 6


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ScaleNewt85 and the Sorcerer's Stone: Ch. 1

Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived     Rachel S. of Arapaho Elementary School, grade 6, was often seen toddling up and down the halls with five or six library books at a time, but she had not read Harry Potter.  She was the first person you'd expect to dive headlong into a world of magic and adventure that was quickly changing the way others her age looked at reading, but here was the problem: she already loved reading. She didn't need a shiny-nosed wizard to show her the wonders that could be found in books. When she received the first novel for her 11th birthday, she vaguely recognized the title, but it was quickly set on the shelf to

ScaleNewt85's Pottermore Adventures

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Disneyland Trip!


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