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strawberry muffin {gift}

>////< Rainu is so cuuuute <3 <3 <3
This is a gift to Rainbronii :iconrainbronii: <3 <3 >////<
uhuhuhu I made this because I love your art so much and I love Rainu <3 <3 he's so kawaiiiiiii >//u//< <3 <3 dsjkldfsjflj
I loooooove uuuuuuu >////< <3 <3
your art is so inspiring to me <3 <3 >w<
this character was reeeeally hard to me ;A; because of his hair structure and too much hair colors ;A; was so haaaaaaaaard TuT
I'm a mouse user actually ;u; so this picture took me ages ;A;
I hope you like it >//w//< <3 <3 <3
notice me senpai ;u; I wonder if you are even going to see this ;u;
{ sorry for my bad english ah my gods ;A; }

Art by me :iconnekokawaiiprince:
Character belongs to :iconrainbronii:
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Aw.. it is super cute! I love the chibi drawing of your! do you draw and color with mouse? how hard was it?
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o-omg!!! this was totally not expected omfg th-th-this.... is so beautiful!!! /////////A///////////
i really dont deserve this omg im crying this is so cute thank you so much for drawing my rainu!! <333 it means alot and im really happy you like him so much you have no idea aaaauauwuwuwuwwwww:iconsobbplz:
i espiecally love the cute bg and his cupcake aaaaaaa <33333this is too much for me kajhsfksjdhf-----
o-omg!!! your so sweet akjshfskdjhf idk what to say this means so much to me!! thankyou again im really glad you like my art!! and sorry about rainus fluffy hair asdksjdh it was designed to be cottoncandy like X'D and mouse user???!?!?! OMG HOW i remember when i used to draw with mouse it was shit how is that possible ;;; - ;;;; //embraces beauty thank you so much again!!
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asdjklasdjkjfdkdfsjkfkjsfdksdfj >/////< <3
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