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'Petits Arrangements...

...avec L'Éternité"

Front and back cover for the novel Petits Arrangements Avec L'Eternité, by Éric Holstein.

Published this month in France by Les Éditions Mnémos (collection Dédales).

Front cover: Pen and ink. Back cover: Pen, ink, wash and brush. / 3 photoshop colors.

Graphic design: Franck Achard.

Last year I was contacted by Éric Holstein (*GonzoBonzo in dA) at ActuSF to make a cover for This Is Not America, an anthology of stories written by Thomas Day (published on March of this year), which was one of my favorite projects to work on, so I was very happy to be asked to make the cover for his first novel, Petits Arrangements avec L'Eternité, and collaborating with editor Charlotte Volper and graphic designer Franck Achard on this project. It was supercool to get to design a wraparound cover. :)

* * *

Tapa y contratapa de la novela Petits Arrangements Avec L'Eternité, de Éric Holstein.

Publicada este mes en Francia por Les Éditions Mnémos (colección Dédales).

Tapa: Pluma y tinta. Contratapa: Pluma, tinta, aguada y pincel. / 3 colores en photoshop.

Diseño gráfico: Franck Achard.
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Hola, me encanta la portada  que has hecho para el libro. 

Yo estudio diseño pero lo que has hecho.... woooo mola.   Me gustaria que me dieras tu opinion. =)
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Muchas gracias! :)
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Thanks, Miklós!
DiegoTripodi's avatar
izitmee's avatar
I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I always do that :D Thus this must be a great book :)
DiegoTripodi's avatar
:w00t: Thanks a lot man!
martinorona's avatar
Excelente composición y paleta cromática. Muy bueno!
DiegoTripodi's avatar
gracias Martín, un abrazo!
artwarriors's avatar
Una maravilla! Me recuerda en los colores quizás a la obra de Mike Mignola. Me encanta!
DiegoTripodi's avatar
Gracias! Me encantan los coloristas que trabajan con Mignola :iconhappycriesplz: :D
zombieater's avatar
¡Hombre, has publicado un montón! ¡Felicidades, muy merecido! Que envidia.... :shakefist:
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muy lindo laburo!
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My Dearest, this is absolutely incredible! I love the colors and the composition as much as I love Paris and bats <3 ;)
Plus, I was always fascinated from books - covers, design and illustrations, I'd love to do that someday as well, but you, really did a great job. :)
I am so proud of you!!!
DiegoTripodi's avatar
Thanks a lot, my darling, glad you like. :hug: The first thing I took a look at when starting making sketches for this cover, were the photos you once sent from when you were in Paris. :nod:

Eventually, the artist had to look at other sources for reference material, since he wasn't able to take his eyes off from a girl called Deni who appeared in the photos. :D

And I totally agree with what you said about books, Deni. Of all the work I've done so far, it's really the most rewarding and fun to do-- it would be great to have the chance to make more design and illustration work for books. And, of course, I want to read books illustrated by YOU. ;)

P.S.: How's school going?
strixxx's avatar
Wow...Darling, you just made my day! No, more like the whole week :D
I know what means the source of inspiration to me, but I definitely would love to be one:) Especially for such an amazing piece...No, really I absolutely LOVE what you've done :)
And Paris, believe's a real inspiration. I was there again two weeks ago and I understood why they call it The City of Love...I don't think I've seen so beautiful sunsets in my live before, I really want to show them to you - I'm sure you'll be very inspired, because of the colours:)
School's fine, I started dissecting the rat and I am so excited about it, by far I am enjoying it a lot, quite interesting...and inspiring;)

P.s. I cannot reach my MSN account :(
DiegoTripodi's avatar
That's so cool to hear about your new visit to Paris, Deni, and how inspirational. :) By the way, do you speak French? Or got to learn some while visiting France?

I love the latest drawings you've been uploading here, do you have to take sketches for those while doing your homework (like dissecting a rat! :faint:) or are you working from photographs? I have never bought a medicine book, but I'll need to get it only when your drawings come in it. :nod:

MSN: I haven't spent much time there (or in facebook) lately, but so far it works alright here, though there had been periods of time when it just didn't work out. Technology! :hug:
strixxx's avatar
Well, I studied 3 years at school quite seriously (it's never enough, though, as you probably know), but it was years ago. Nevertheless, I was able to manage with my French quite well both times (English is not very common there :P) My Italian is a lot better, so that helps a lot...also to understand some Spanish as well :)

Speaking about that...I would really love to get a copy of the book...any ideas how? If I knew earlier, I would try in Paris...

I have already illustrated a children book, so I'd love to send you a copy (it's in Bulgarian, though :D) if you tell my where :)

And during the dissections we usually make a lot of sketches (also some photos), which we use as a reference later for the main illustration. It's a lot of work, but it's veeery pleasent, I'd say :)

Lots of kisses, hope to catch up with you soon :)
DiegoTripodi's avatar
You're such a Rennaisance girl, Deni! :D I didn't know you speak some Italian, too. Half my family is from Italy but I only know a few random words. :faint:

I'm so primitive that I don't know how to order things from internet-- to give you an idea, only recently, later last year I was able to use a cellphone. I'm living in the wrong century! =P I'm seeing the book on the French amazon website, but I've got no idea if they ship outside of France [link] As soon as I learn how to get a copy, I'll let you know (I also need to get a copy myself :))

I remember you having told me about illustrating a book, and I'd love to get a copy of it if that's possible (I'm noting you after sending this message).

I can imagine the pre-production work required to get those illustrations done must be hard work, to say the least, but it's cool if you enjoy the process, and the results certainly look worth taking the effort. :nod:

Hugs and kisses!
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