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CMC and Twilight in ''Elder's Scrolls''



This is the long awaited part 2 of Harmony Disruption.

PART 1: [link]
PART 2: You're here!
PART 3: [link]
PART 4: [link]
PART 5: [link]
PART 6: [link]
PART 7: [link]
Epilogue: [link]

Yes, there will be part 3 and maybe 4. I shall see.

I said to myself I'll finish it today. So I worked on it almost without a stop for... 8? hours. Only some breaks for shuffling involved.

By the way, story is loosely based on DerpVulpes' :iconarek-91: idea.
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As a continuation of Your previous Cutie Mark Crusaders comic it is good. This idea of "unconscious betrayal" is very interesting, also Discord did not do anything with Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle or Apple Bloom minds. He just *promised* them something. I did not seen that kind of idea before anywhere, so this is great plus for your originality.
But, those comics are still too chaotic with things that happened in it. Previously they met Discord, make a deal with him and then what? They just randomly appeared with another *brilliant* idea. Maybe do not fully understand your vision but maybe You do something, that change my point of view.
Also - vectors are very smooth and everything fits with character designs. Good advice - change font style because it destroys the first impression.