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CMC and Spike in ''Floo Medallions''



Twilight's not gonna believe him.
The way Spike sends things always reminded me of Floo Powder from Harry Potter books.

PART 1: [link]
PART 2: [link]
PART 3: You're here!
PART 4: [link]
PART 5: [link]
PART 6: [link]
PART 7: [link]
Epilogue: [link]

Oh my, I'm tired now. This part took some time...
Good help with the base of idea: :iconarek-91:.
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Because it is continuation of Your previous Cutie Mark Crusaders comic I MUST compare this one to previous one. Well, You have change few things but still - there is a large plot hole in Your story, again chaotic style of telling this story dominates it. Also you made a veeery *drastic* mistake at first comic-screen - whole comic's speech bubbles are made in latin-convention, but at fisrt one You use manga-convention. It's error, that cost you one point from Technique.
For me - something is missing at fifth frame (maybe vanishing Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell and Scotaloo?) but it's small error because, maybe, it was Your intention to made that. I didn't see anywhere before idea of "teleportation" of ponies using Spike's breat, so plus for You. Good advice - change font style because it destroys the first impression (it's "copy-paste" because You not followed the advice to this, and it is still valid).