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CMC and Discord in ''Harmony Disruption''



Think of it as a prequel to Season 2 "Return of Harmony". I guess he didn't keep his promise, though!

PART 1: You're here!
PART 2: [link]
PART 3: [link]
PART 4: [link]
PART 5: [link]
PART 6: [link]
PART 7: [link]
Epilogue: [link]


Almost 2 weeks of work and I'm done.
Well, DerpVulpes' (:iconarek-91:) idea was to do a comic based on this: [link] (Powerpuff Girls episode - Mojo Jonesin) except with Discord, CMC's and Element of Harmony. First title of the comic was "Discord Jonesin'", but it didn't feel right.

Enough talking, enjoy the comic and please leave feedback if you can :).
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This...This is just HILRAOUS!! I'm giggling like mad here! You got the color schemes and designs right and I like you got the idea from a Powerpuff girls episode.

It's hard for me to find any complains and the narrator is just funny. Darn it, girls! Don't do it! I repeat, don't do it!-

Aw, crap. They just did. Seriously CMC, don't just trust random strangers, even if they give you cutie marks.

Overall, this a good comic and I like it you went with this title instead of the old one. 4.5/5 and goodbye. Have a good day, arek-91.