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CMC and Celestia in ''CMC: Deception''



Queen... I mean Princess Celestia sure is the best royal pony. Right next to Cadence and Luna.
The end of CMC adventures? Probably yes. At last for some time.
I'm slow. Like always, meh heh.
I think I'll make a gif or two now. Or shall I continue Zecora's tales immediately?

PART 1: [link]
PART 2: [link]
PART 3: [link]
PART 4: [link]
PART 5: [link]
PART 6: [link]
PART 7: [link]
Epilogue: This is it.

Background by :iconmandydax: and my friend Dabu cropped it for me (10k resolution? Crashed my GIMP!).

PS This time it's something special. Easter egg? If you want to call it that way...

PPS Fun fact: Some more points and I'll be able to buy premium membership :P.
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Dude, that changeling eye legit scared me. I zoomed in on the screen when it happened too.