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This was a job for a client, as you can see the style is not realistic, is more like Chinesse Renders, that was that the client want. This was a challenge for me, really hard work too much lights, polys and pos pro.

I hope you like it

3ds max 2008 - Vray 1.5 sp1 - Ps Cs3


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Is this like a mixed-use building?
where is this
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Really great!
Can you show us a raw render? to see the job you do in post-prod. Some trick for that? ^^

Once again, good job.
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thx so much, sorry but this is really old work... and is on the backup disk :(
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A beautiful and complex piece with tricky lighting, but nice color harmony, excellent detail, and captures mood of the night so well. This your best piece.
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:O how much time does the final rendering take? And what PC specs you need to make this in reasonable time? Just curious because my laptop takes ages to render some 1500x1500 pic with one simple figure on gray background and your image has so many elements and details :O
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huh i cant remember exactly the time, but i think was 45 minutes with 3 quadcores.

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This is beautiful :noes:
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this is rare i like it ..imean it..
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Oh! photophotophotophotoshop ))))
but so nice!
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parece maqueta
se ve de lujo
buen render
yo quiero aprender ahacer eso jeje
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muchas gracias!!
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por nada compañero
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Amazing! Simply amazing!
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huh thanks so much!
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