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Simply Interior

This was a job for a client of Switerland. I hope u like it
I used 3ds max 9 - Vray rc3 - Ps cs3


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Man, you even got the PH5 in there.!
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what is the PH5?
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Hey, I suppose you should know since you put it in. [link]=PH%205%20paul%20henningsen&ie=UTF-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi
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ahh yes the lamp, sorry
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I love the sofas
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wow! wow! wow! ^^
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I love ALLL your works ^^'
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Thanks sooooooo much!
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WTF!!!!! You are AWSOME!!! so am I, but, still... umbelibabel.... si, me salio el spanglish aproposito..... pero posta... es una obra de arte.... y te odio por tener solo 25... hate you hate yo hate you.... yeah i know it seems im 15.... but.... your job just.... me dan ganas de crear un culto a diego...jajaja.... hablando enserio... sos increible.... pero bueno... lo sabes.... ojala algun dia me puedas tirar algun tip para llegar a ser la mitad de vos ;)

felicitaciones.... suertesss.... byess.... JEO
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jaja, take it easy man. Trankilo hombre, gracias por tanto halago, pero es cuestion de ponerte que si realmente te gusta, tienes toda la internet entera para buscar info y empezar a progresar. Te lo digo por experiencia ;)

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Muy bueno hijisimo!
Te quedo de primera!! :boogie:
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jaja! Gracias Franchu! ;)
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... I really don't know what to say this rocks. And I think that the pillows look fine! :D
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haha! thanks my friend=)
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another good job! but i dont know switerland :D
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Lookin' good. Any chance of getting that wood floor texture =)
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Thanks!. Thats a simply map that u can find it on google.=)
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Very good lightning and a warm feeling!
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Another really great rendering! =)
Most notably the nice abstract picture gives the room the, ähm, damn.

(I don't know the sentence in english, but in french I'd like to say, "je ne sais quoi")!

Sorry, I'm ashamed.

Great room!
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... it gives to the room that "something" , that "I don't know what" :)
and it's thrue , I noticed the same thing
great job !
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