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new generations come stomping ... or not? ;)
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Haha love it! this would either make a good film or crossover game
Now...this is perfect!
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Cool work!;) (Wink) Well Indiana Jones WAS the original big time adventurer since being a kid before LARA & NATE!Roll Eyes 
caiogs's avatar
What kind of program did u use? It just looks awesome!
NinteRarewSegaFan123's avatar
This is pretty nice! Lol :XD:
Bartlebycs's avatar
I always loved this piece. I see it a lot. You have talent, my friend.

Nate: "I found it first!"

Lara: "But I did all the research!"

Nate: "Oh come ON! You'd just put it in some museum!"

Lara: "This is SO NOT FAIR! You ALWAYS do this!"

Indy: Hey! Hey! Okay, tell you what, you can both share credit."

Nate and Lara: "NOOOOO!!!!
astrew's avatar
Wheres grandpa Quattermain?
gibbs615's avatar
Cool work!;) (Wink) All 3 of them have something in common...They've all been BIG TIME ADVENTURERS since they were KIDS!!!:D (Big Grin)   
bestmed's avatar
I always wondered if her father was pitfall Harry.
AndyofIndiana's avatar
Please don't break it up Indiana.  There's going to be a Death Battle between them soon.……
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this is the best thing!
highfieldcountrypark's avatar
Super super like it..Superb word done..I salute your work DiegoLlorente 
GladeFaun's avatar
Brilliantly done :D

Friend pointed me to this after seeing that I'd written this
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The only thing missing :icondaringdoplz:
Dgarauz's avatar
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A crossover game needs to happen.
firefly00's avatar
Indeed - the relevant dev teams would make some good money if they did something like that.  And if not... well, the folks at IDW Publishing can have a go.  Remember, these are the same folks who managed to mix Star Trek with the Lantern Corps...
sinpirate2012's avatar
Where's Layton? B-)
Skianous's avatar
"Tomb Raider 2013 ripped off Uncharted, which ripped off the 90's Tomb Raiders to begin with !"
Hotsam01's avatar
This is a brilliant piece of art!  
h311Man's avatar
they ain't got shit on Harrison Ford XD
BrentOGara's avatar
Beautiful work, the likenesses are very good, especially Jr's.
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