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Photoshop, sunday night and one hour of sad songs.
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Firstly, I just have to say that this is VERY well executed. In all sincerity, it is! Even though it's not traditional, but rather, digital, you sure fooled
me when I first saw this as a preview! It honestly looks like an actual watercolour painting. That takes some real skill. Personally, I have very, very few things that I can find to mention. I was able to, but I've actually had to
stare at this painting several times in order to find anything at all (and I couldn't find much at all, even though I was able to.)

Of course, I do have to state what I was able to see that could be improved upon (in my opinion.) To begin with, the eye that is further away from the viewer seems to be a bit too light. I'm not sure if the girl in this painting
has a black eye (which, would make a lot of sense, considering the title and the colour scheme chosen.) If she does, I'd recomment ignoring my commentary. However, personally, it doesn't seem that the eye closer to viewer is necessarily swollen, so, considering that it has much darker shading around it than the other eye, I think that it could be fixed up. (The other eye has the nose to provide a shadow to be cast onto it, so I feel that this would be best. Additionally, most of the highlights
in this piece seem to gravitate towards the right side of the painting; therefore, the shadows should gravitate more to the left.)

Another thing that has me stumped is the direction of the hair drips on the left side of the painting. I have a feeling that this is just me and my nit-picky nature,
but I feel that it's unnaturally 'dripping' away from the face, and it seems somewhat attached to the side of the painting on the bottom left corner. I think it would
seem more balanced if it dripped down a little more...well, straight (but not too straight. The gnarled bends of the hair do give this piece a lot of personality.)
Of course, if this were traditional, I might not think this was unnatural, so I'm not even sure this is something worth with traditional painting, it's harder to manipulate the I feel you captured the traditionalfeel well here as well as every where else. It's an imperfect beauty, in a sense.)

On another note, it also seems like there should be something between the strands on the left and on the right, but it's fine with the white space either way; this
is just my personal preferrence.

Lastly, there are a couple of spots that give it away slightly that it is indeed digital (though, I didn't even find them after a while, even in full view.) There's
a couple of spots where you can tell specifically what kind of brush you used (the watercolor brush in Photoshop, if I'm not mistaken. I might be, though. It seems
that the angling and overall opacity match.) The spots I found were underneath the eye on the right side of the painting, and one just underneath a strand of hair
on the top right side of the painting. Seeing that it's not exactly the most obvious thing in the world, I'm not even sure it's a problem, as it's barely noticable.

To conclude, I just have to say that your painting "melancholic" is just simply gorgeous as well as it is somber, and I am just rendered astounded by the masterful technique, as it seems apparent that you're very skilled. Actually, I don't even feel like I know what I'm talking about, or should even have the right to comment on this at all, even though I've stared at this beauty of a
painting several times in the past couple of days since I've added it to my favourites. It's stunning,
and I hope you continue to produce such amazing works! Your abilities are just simply astounding.