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Total War: Warhammer 2-Skaven

Another keyart piece for Creative Assembly and Sega.
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Woah. So many badass rats here. I don't know which one's my favorite. Great layout, coloring, detail, everything.

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miss all the really high detail artwork warhammer used to have

this looks flat and like plastic in comparison.

it misses all the detail that used to make the old art so cool, like tons of religious ornaments, pockets, scars, side weapons, symbols, etc being used to decorate a soldiers armor / clothes

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This is pure fantasy, anyone who knows his fluff knows the truth : the skavens are merely a myth.
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damn thats a huge rat!! awesome work!
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skaven are awesome! 
The vermintide doesn't get enough love. Fantastic work.
Yeah this is okay i suppose, ive seen better. Said no sane person ever.
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Incredible work! :eyepopping:
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These rats look like they are done being the level 1 enemy in RPG's.
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Absolutely. Fantastic.
The horned rat is pleased.
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For the Hornet Rat! 
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Neeking awesome!
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great vermintide
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Kill-Kill Lizard-Things! 
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This is one of the coolest pics of Skaven I have ever seen. Kudos!
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Hail the horned rat!
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