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Total War: Warhammer 2-Dark Elves

Another faction piece for Creative Assembly's Total War title.
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Naggaroth. Come for the orgies, stay'll be dead so you'll stay.
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I don't know what they are but I love the red, black, and gold dudes on the left! They look amazing!
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Dark Elf Executioners:…

See also the miniatures:…

Yes they are pretty cool :)
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what is the dark elf executioners.

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I love, love love, the dragons in the background!
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It's actually a hydra rather than multiple dragons.
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Ooooh. Thanks for the clarification!
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Run hide little children, or the dark elves will get you. Awesome work here
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I really like this piece! The texturing on the leather gloves is great, and the reddish ambient light is amazing.  However, I just don't feel that the witch elves are up to your usual standard -- you do a lot more armor than skin, though, maybe that's it?    They don't look lithe or sinuous enough and look more like KISS Groupies than finely honed female sadist warriors.  Hardly matters, the light itself makes the piece -- it's insanely dramatic, and the Hydra is AWESOME.  The witches just feel rushed or less finished than the rest.
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I have to work with the designs I am given, that's what happens when working within an existing and well defined IP :/
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That's the truth. I always find it frustrating when I do something and the, find out that it doesn't mesh with canon. Still, I'm drawing my impressions of witch elves from Warhammer Online (excellent character creator) which is also canon. Thanks for getting back to me!

Are you doing anything for the Dark Millennium / Primaris reboot?
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Nope, I haven't done anything directly for GW (Age of Sigmar/Dark Millenium) for quite a while.
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Ah, so you work for CA and the dev behind Eternal! I play both games and it's really cool to see your art on Steam and the game's launchers / splash pages.
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then* find out...
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This is some awesome work.
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They look so happy.
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They are a merry bunch.
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Que pasada la hydra
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La mascota ideal, una cabeza para cada miembro de la familia.
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