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The Swordsman

Another work for the first Lost Legacy set: the Starship. This one guy loves his job.
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This fellow seems a little upset

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I would like to commission a peace of art for the cover of my book. If you are interested please contact me and as I do not have much in the name of funds, please let me know your avarage price.
I was wondering if I could use this art for a custom MTG token? I would give you credit on the card, and would print it as NFS... Please and thank you
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This guy was definitely BORN for this job. ;)
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"After many years in a dull office work, Sven finally found his passion."
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He looks like the kind of man who could fire his boss. XD
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That's totally read on his face :)
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There's a real Ragnar vibe there... ;)
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Perhaps they are distant relatives. The universe is pretty small sometimes :D
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You can feel his rage and power :D
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I bet he´s singing Manowar out loud.
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I would be surprised if he wasnt lol
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He sure love his job! Look at that furrs! Fabulous!!!! Fav!Love 
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-Hey dude, whatcha doing on Saturday night? Wonna grab some beers?
-Nah, gotta work. Y'know, fire and steel in a couple of villages. YAY!
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Grrrrr this pose is angry, good flailing, swinging, shouting angriness. Really cool man.
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