Legionnaire of the Damned
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Another character design for the Eternal Crusade MMO. I hope a lot of people get this skin for their characters, because it would be just too cool to see a battlefield full of these guys!
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Most impressive.
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these guys kinda remind me of the bloke from doom in what they do
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Zarbustibal|Student Traditional Artist
The Concept is awesome :) Unfortunately they messed up the Model.
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Artandcreation4you|Student Digital Artist
A lot of people did use. Too bad it was only a skin change rather than a whole new character. :/
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awesome , it is perfect
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"Errr... we finished your new armour"
"More bones"
"Of course sir yes!"
"And more flames"
"Absolutely sir!"
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SteveStanzani|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"but, sir, we don't have any more bones left"
"i guess you could take some of yours, servant.."
"now that you make me think about that.. i must have some bones left from the barbecue.. will be back soon, sir"
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Neoprene-Goldfish's avatar
"Good, otherwise there will be another barbeque..."
*casually polishes flamer*
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Very nice art.
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Happy Halloween, motherfucka'!
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just.. wow..
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DestroyerOfSkulls's avatar
Alright guys, people have been saying that I have some fire on me so where is it anyway?
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CreepShow616's avatar
its like khorne enlisted ghost rider
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That actually looks like a Damned Legionnaire, from the legion of the damned. Surprisingly they are loyal to the emperor, and have a tendency of just appearing out of thin air, salvaging a previously hopeless situation for whatever chapter of space marines that is currently getting crushed. pretty spooky. If you want more info check out warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Le…
There's a really cool book on them too, called Legion of the Damned
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Arandompokemonfan's avatar
People seem to believe that they themselves are Lesser Daemons' of the Emperor of Mankind. 
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Drake329's avatar
It makes sense if you think about it.  Most of humanity sees the Space Marines as angels of the empire and near godlike.  The warp, we know, makes what you think and believe into reality, so it makes sense that some warp stuff formed into the literal angels of the emperor.
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TransformAndConquer|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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OOooOOOoooOH !

Can't handle all of this badassness !
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DiegoGisbertLlorens|Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, so much true metal is hard to handle :D
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that the one moment you know your done for
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