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These Mechanicum dudes, always playing with things they shouldn't be playing with...
This work is pretty old, probably more than a year, but it was published only recently in the new Dark Heresy rulebook.
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This is like an average eye exam in Necromunda. The insurance must be a nightmare though...

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"What eye will you be using today good sir? Thinking of going out on a night on the town?" XD lol
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Tech priest are the Alphys and Izzet of the 40K galaxy.
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Yeah, that's what the guy in the background is thinking: "yeah, great, awesome. Now fix me, would ya?".
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"Your in luck! We still have a few of these whatchamacallits left!" 
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That's what happens when you go to the cheapest evil surgeon in town.
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In the grim darkness of the far future: all dental surgery is done through the eye.

Come to think of it, that would explain why that bionic is so popular.
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In the grim darkness of the far future, all public health coverage has been privaticed and managed by Trump Industries.
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This is a really great picture and...
Wait, why does he need four eyeballs?
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Where we are going we won't need eyes because EVENT HORIZON IS TOTALLY A PREQUEL TO 40K, GAIZ!!!
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Awww. Awesome, thanks for sharing this. I do dig these cogboys.
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"Cogboys"? Haha, that's a good one.
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haha. It's a term imperials use( in many 40k novels) most of the time when they refer to techpriests. :D
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Damn "cogboys" Nice work!  
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