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Harakoni Warhawk

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An oldie that I forgot to share back in the day.
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You got onto 1d4chan! Nice job! Very nice bit of art, we don't see enough Warhawks these days...
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Did I? Or do you mean my artwork did?
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Your art. Check 1d4chan for Harakoni Warhawks.
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New Overwatch character ^^ 
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The imperial guard needs more jetpacks.
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They would make a fine Traitor Regiment.
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In Dawn Of War II Retribution they ARE a traitor regiment.
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Ah, the Americans military of the 40K universe. No nonsense and no frills. Not to mention they lack the elitist inclinations of the Elysians.
Between them and the Death Korps, there can only be victory.
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I saw them much more similar to British RAF mixed with Royal Marines. I mostly saw the Cadian Shock Troops as the representative of the US Military. 
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What are you guys talking about!? If any one faction is modern-day america, it'd be the rambo Catachans.
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first I thought it was Tau. Do you even got any Tau around?
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And lo, the Hammer of the Emperor doth descendeth from the sky, pouring a rain of fire upon his enemies.
Awesome work, m8.
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These guys never get enough attention 
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Sweet fuck that looks sexy
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Haha, sexy is not an adjective I often hear refered to my works, thanks!
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Awe-striking work on him :)
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Oh. these guys are cool looking.
it's a shame they always get annihilated in the fiction
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Oh, do they? So totally unfair.
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There was a Ciaphas Cain and an Iron Hands space marine novels where the harakoni warhawks are featured.
Both novels gave some interesting details about the Harakoni and their traditions, but they wind up taking a lot of casualties as well.
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Well, that´s what the Imperial Guard does best :D
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