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Flesh Tearer battle-brother

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One of the things I love about 40K is the fact that you can actually have a bunch of good guys who are called Flesh Tearers. Because of totally rightful reasons.
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He looks awesome, great dynamic pose:) I've heard their names before but rarely seen any images of them.

Funny with 40k. The Imperium has such chapters as : Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Flesh Tearers, Legion of the Damned, Blood Ravens.

And then there's the Chaos legions: Alpha Legion, The Emperors Children, Thousand Sons, Word Bearers etc
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Chaos literally has the World Eaters...

Also, the Legion of the Damned aren't a Chapter. They are essentially Chaos beings of the Imperium.

Not trying to be that girl, just saying.
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Thanks for the explanation, from the name and the look I assumed he was chaos, so I was wrong...
Or was I? 
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Gorgeous!!  *drops to knees*  Please say you do requests!
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
Hehehe, sorry to say, "not at the moment".
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actually a decent chapter btw, dont worry
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
They are good at their job, no doubt :P
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go get em!
you put those space wolves to damn shame!
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
It'd be quite a showdown.
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Or put a khornate berserker up against the three.
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Blood for the Emperor! Skulls for His Golden Throne!
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
Accurate summary, yes.
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that's awesome man......!!!!!!
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We see plenty of pictures of Astartes that are suppose to be 'dynamic,' but it's rare that we ever see them actually moving anywhere.  But that's something that's actually important to see.  We need to have their super-human speed demonstrated to us, as well as evidence they can actually move in such blocky armor.
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
That's always tricky, given their design and proportions, but fun to do.
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gabriel seth with his precious chainsword please (bonus point for displaying whirlwind of gore special rule) 
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Define "good guys" xD 
this is the 40k universe we're talking about and unfortunately guys like this are on the same side as the Inquisition (which are emperor class douchebags )
but that's beside the point  amazing work man!
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
Actually, probably the Inquisition and the Flesh Tearers idea of being on the same side is probably "I do not shoot your ships down outright, I'll wait til we exchange some whatsapps first".
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I think the Blood Angels and Necrons have a friendlier relationship
the father chapter of the Flesh Tearers would rather be friends with creepy robot space zombies than the Inquisition 
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I hope whoever stands at the end of this charge will have the common sense to :

a) Try and run away
b) Put a bullet through his own head
c) Soil his pants.
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
D) All previous options, all at once.
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this guys are the alucards of the imperium, powerfull, destructive, literally blood hungry. what's not to love!
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