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Commander Shadowsun

I think it's safe to post this now that the Tau vs Raven Guard releases are out. It causes me emotional pain to depict Tau beating up Astartes.
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Obviously Tau propaganda, but really good propaganda!

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When Emps declares a new Imperium-Tau Alliance based on the relationship between the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes and Commander Shadowsun

Suppressed but angry beakie noises

"See the Gue’la, how they arrogantly stride into our trap. We will punish their belligerence, their ignorant lack of foresight."

O’SharrekCommander Darkwind
Awsome pic, I am finding much joy in seeing Astartes being defeated and by the Tau
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I love the tau because of the fact that they have great tech and are the closest to noblebright 40k will ever get.
I must ask, though, why is shadowsun there? She's from the t'au sept, but all the other tau here are vi'orla!
Except the brainwashing the eugenics.
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Well, If they were perfect, it wouldn't be 40k.
Plus, it's not like the ethereals don't believe in what they teach.
To many 40k art depict space marines kicking ass, it's good to see the ass kicker getting the ass kicking.
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Yes, I agree. It's kind of bidimensional when they are always protrayed as epic and invincible killing machines.
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I do like how you included bodies from both sides. It makes the battle feel two-sided.
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There should have been a lot more Tau casualties, imho >:(
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One of the saddest moments ever. Favorite legion humilitated by their own ways, lost their Chapter master and many good brothers - another serious blow to their ever depleted numbers. That is the reason why I bear a special haterd towards the Tau and why my heart always sings when I see them slaughtered. But the Ravens will do as they always do - retreat and return when and where they are least expected. Victorus aut mortis!
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Ooosh. Why are The Raven Guard fighting an open-grounded battle? That has all the strategic value of Tau charging Orks.
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Because apparently they were outmatched by the so-called greatest military mind of the Tau Empire.
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As a Tyranid player - nope. just, nope!
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
As a Tyranid player, shouldn't you be eating popcorn while watching these guys beating the living crap off each other?
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It actually looks fairly even.
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The brief actually stated that, even though the Tau were to be winning, it had to be somehow unclear.
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Eh, they're Astartes, it'll work out in their favor anyway =P
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Maybe not, the Tau have fought and defeated Space Marines before.
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So are those razorsharks or sunsharks flying overhead?
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I have not the slightest clue about it.
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