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Carcharodons-Outer Dark

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Recenly released Black Library book cover for Carcharodons-Outer Dark, by Robbie MacNiven.
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Ah, the Carcharodons aka Chunky Shark Bois

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for a good second i thought these were world eaters.
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Well, there is a commonly held theory that the Cacharodons are descendent from the loyalist World Eaters.

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The Māori style chain axe/halberd and patterns along with the shark tooth window or doorway are fantastic, can't find a single mistake anywhere in the picture or missed opportunity.
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Awesome art, the chain halberd thingy looks amazing! 
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Amazing cover, as usual. They shoul ask you for more
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That is certainly an interesting chain weapon design.
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Absolutely awesome art for literally the worst Chapter, Im confused D:
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Oh, how are they the worst chapter now?
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Always were, in my opinion.

* They kidnap whole planets and since they do it on a regular basis, we can deduce they arent very nice to their "workers"
* They are too violent - in Badab campaign they murdered peaceful population because they worked for traitors, while those people thought they are still loyal to the Emperor.
* They are quite stupid too - their strategy on Badab shows it pretty good, as they blew up the reactors and ran away, letting their allies do all the work. Needless to say many of said allies drowned in lava, while Huron still made it out alive. There are couple of examples from The Red Tithe (i.e. behaviour of Kahu), but Im too lazy to search for them right now, sorry.

I understand Warhammer is a grim and ruthless universe, but still, some folks, like Lamenters, Salamanders or Ultramarines actually remember that they are created to serve humanity and manage to do so.
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I see. Well, don't blame the Carcharodons Astra for the lazy writing of their creators. I think these novels are shaping them up pretty decently, although many 40K novels fail miserably to effectively portray the transhuman psychology and that of the Primarchs specially. Aaron Demsky-Bowden is perhaps one of the few who manages that.
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I dont blame their creators (although MacNiven definately couldve done better in case of DOWIII novel), they arent lazy - actually they did a pretty good job describing Space Sharks as ruthless monsters without any hint of mercy or compassion. Its just those are traits I hate in people the most.

"Aaron Demsky-Bowden is perhaps one of the few who manages that."
Im still sad its not him (or Graham McNeil) who wrote about Corax, Gav Thorpe made him 100% brain-dead
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Awesome work, I especially like the archway that looks like a sharks mouth, that's a lovely little design element.
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nice, i need this as my desktop
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You captured the essence of the Carcharodons so perfectly.
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I forgot if they were loyalist or traitor.... ops... sorry...
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Loyalist, unfortunately
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