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Brother Domitius

Brother Domitius fought originally for the Death Spectres Chapter, but his ability to remain calm in the thick of a bloody close combat and unusual ferocity saw him serving with the Ordo Xenos.
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Awesome design but shouldn't that be a Xenos head in his hand? Deathwatch were made to kill aliens, no heretics.
Endy001's avatar
It's probably his own helmet.
Lilith-Crowe's avatar
Sergane's avatar
candle shoulder pads! 
My life is complete!
Zalleus's avatar
Does he keep those candles lit himself? Or does he have a guy for that?
Antaria-Nova's avatar
Must be some real magical wax in those candles. :P
And that powerfist clutching the helmet (inclusive the head?) of a chaos marine... He likes to keep a souvenir around, doesn't he?
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
Inquisition-approved candles, good for birthday parties, exorcisms and exterminatus. And yes, probably the head of the Chaos Marine is still inside, a souvenir for the Chapter.
RabidOctopus's avatar
*Guardsmen throwing a birthday party*
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Your Sergeant's a Heretic, and you smell like one too!"

*Commissar kicks down door*
*Executes all of the Guardsmen *
Antaria-Nova's avatar
*Reads the candles are good for birthday parties, and my mind spits out this thing*
Inquisition: "Actually, that cake looks suspiciously much like a pie... this must be investigated."
Space Marine: *Picks up heavy flamer* "First you will be baked, then there will be cake!"
(And perhaps then, after some roasting, the Chaos Marine had his head taken as a souvenir. Must smell rather pungent by now.)

My mind just does things like that sometimes. Brainfarts OP. And them Portal references. Yus.
CRPGMunin's avatar
Awesome art, as a fan of Warhammer 40k universe i get chills to see such a mighty astartes here!
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
Don't be fooled by his looks; he loves kittens.
Gottagrin's avatar
I always felt the space marine design too fancy and pretentious but man, you make them realistic!
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
They DO are too fancy and pretentious, but I guess I've got used to it :D
An excellent piece with exquisite details. Though after noticing his chapter heraldry I couldn't  help but wish if he was not a member of Bald&Badass, what with Death Spectres being albino. 
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
Maybe I'm mistaken, but I'd say Death Spectres lose all their hair, don't they?
Yup, you're right. Just checked and it says they are bald AND albino... and I didn't know about the bald bit until five minutes ago.... damn, my fluff-fu's getting rusty!!
DaimoNxx's avatar
 ...I'm Badass and i Know it!....
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
Now I can't stop imagining Space Marines wiggling...
DaimoNxx's avatar
LolPsychotic Anyway, great work! 
1nconceivable's avatar
So much awesome! I thought to myself 'What's in his hand?' then I was like 'Oh damn that's a head!'
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
You can even guess the Legion it belonged to :D
TheSpawn117's avatar
i'm guessing that in his hand is a Word Bearer traitor marine.
DiegoGisbertLlorens's avatar
You've got a cookie :D
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