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  Giving a little love to a mostly unknown Chapter. Successor of the Imperial Fists and Greek-based, they are usually confused with the paranoid Minotaurs.
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My first thought was that this was an Emperor's Spear.  Very well done. :-) I'm a huge fan of anything Greek/Roman inspired.
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I've not heard of these guys! And this is full of win!
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Stargazzer811Hobbyist Artist
So everyone knows these guys are an official chapter yes, but there is literally nothing known about them. Judging by the name though I'd gather they are a Dark Angels Succesor chapter, and I do enjoy the Greek feel, it's awesome!
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¿Este capítulo es oficial? O te inventaste los colores de uno oficial que no se sabe nada junto al símbolo (que por cierto algún inquisidor tendrá que sospechar de herejía por presunta adoración a Nurgle).

Me encanta el casco.

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greek and triforce .. i TAKE it !!
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PharithosHobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha I definitely thought this one was a Minotaur at first! Love that you're doing something for a Chapter as unknown as this :)  Especially like the liberty you've taken with the plastron or cuirass or whatever it's called -- stylized pecs, just teasing out some obliques, the sternum sticking out, and the rectus abdominus plate style underneath.  AWESOME!!!
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Magnificent Space Marine Art. You give them the bulk they need but also the fluidity required to fight properly. Bravo.
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how many greek based chapters are in 40k?
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Iron Warriors are clearly greek-based, look at the names they used, like the dodekatheon, which means the gathering of the twelve
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More than one.
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can you give me a link or name them,at least some of them?
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Iron Snakes, Minotaurs, Sons of Antaeus, Crimson Fists and Ultramarines somewhat.
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What about alpha legion?
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As well as other chapters sort of, yes.
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what about the iron warriors,or the world eaters?
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I hand that up to interpretation.
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I'm in love... Mind if I give them a try on some minis? I think of (for now) getting  sanguinary guards, and later something from scibor that totally looks like this guy
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"He is so..graceful... I never saw a tank dance before. But I think I may just have."
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Marines are very graceful when they decide to ^^
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DiegoGisbertLlorensProfessional Digital Artist
He graduated in the Römmel Panzertanzschüle :D
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IkoterHobbyist Writer
Reminds me of Pantheon. Should be a skin for him.
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DiegoGisbertLlorensProfessional Digital Artist
That'd be really awesome.
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BrowncoatMandoHobbyist Writer
Also remind me a bit of the Iron Snakes.
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