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A bloodied and battered Mordian Iron Guard, who has been through hell and back.
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I'm so tired, I just want to go to bed.

Don't worry too much, as here comes a Commisar.

Soon you'll be...DEAD!!!!!

No slacking allowed in the Guard, young lady.

It doesn't matter how tired you are, there are still Xenos & traitors to kill.

I love how utterly human this woman looks, as if she's just so tired after fighting for so long, and the only comfort she can find is from a small camp fire.

She's both strong and fragile at the same time.

Truly beautiful image :-)

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Why is she so small
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The Mordian Iron Guard is about discipline, courage, and bravery, unwavering even in the face of certain death, or eldritch horrors which would make any lesser trooper flee. Every trooper is issued a uniform lined with the standard flakweave and backed with carapace armor. They are expected to form their lines promptly and rapidly, even in enemy fire, and then return it in their ranks. 
If your squad is cut down around you, you are expected to keep firing. If the tank beside you is destroyed by a Krak missile, continue firing. Even as autogun rounds flatten on your uniform, you are expected to continue shooting your weapon, reloading when necessary. 
And at the end of it all, with your unit dead, and no support in five klicks, you are expected to hold discipline. Crying is for later, in private. For now, discipline enfolds you, as you live to the name of the Iron Guard. Gather lasgun packs, start a small fire, and recharge them. Rinse, repeat. Check your lasgun, clean and anoint. Replace carapace, and salvage what you may. bind your wounds, and eat a ration. Drink some water. Snap a new charge pack into your lasgun.

You'll need it. 
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Nice to see a Mordian Iron Guard looking like the Imperial Guard is supposed to look like. Beat up and messy.
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I love this image especially the lack of colour in the ruins, it seems to hammer home the death and destruction but it also emphasizes the colour of her which I also like quite a bit. 
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See, images like this one are why I want a game where we play as a Guardsman. Experiencing just what a Guardsman has to live through. Starting from their recruitment, and being there all the way through to him/her earning the title of a veteran guardsman. Going from an ambitious and naive guardsman to a broken, emotionless, battle hardened warrior. Experiencing their reactions to their first battle with rebellious traitors, to their first encounter with the Eldar, Green Skin, and other Xenos forces, to their first battle with the heretic's, mutants​, Daemons​, and the nightmarish Chaos Marines, to their shock and awe from not just gazing upon, but fighting side by side with the Sisters of Battle or living Profit and especially fighting with the Space Marines. That could make for some amazing story telling.
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Want equality?
Be ready to fight and die equally!
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Seems to me she did fight as hard as any, if not harder. She is the last one still alive, after all.
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Just came upon this piece, and have to hand it to you. You got the smallest details down to a perfect tone.
The battered-but-not-beaten tone, the single tear (almost as if she doesnt even notice it) and the drained emotionless face. Yet, in all the despair, her pack is ready, there is determination in her face, the las-packs are neatly ordered and facing the same direction while charging. She hasnt abandoned her duty or the order of things, despite what might be behind her eyes and what she went through.

Tells a lot more story than most 40k art i've seen.
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Thanks, man. Really appreciated.
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i like this Diego.I like the modelling of the hands and face.images look better i think when they look more painterly like yours. they retain the energy of the sketch.check out my site    click on digital. good luck. malimo 
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"And parade duty's in ten minutes..." 

I like how the mags are set in front of the fire like she's charging them with the heat. 
For depicting a loyalist dog, this artwork is gorgeus! <3

A few more weeks in the grinder and she could be a very competent servant of the dark gods, if she doesn't become a sacrifice Before she sees the truth ;)
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very well done my friend =D
Iv been trying to find an Artist who can do a decently priced commission for something similar to this but instead of Mordian I was trying to get Valhallen.
I like that she doesn't throw the powerpacks into the fire, but instead lets them recharge much more gently to assure their longevity if more slowly.

Also, the dancing and crackling of a campfire after a hard day of difficult work has something oddly calming and healing. And this young lady definitely needs some healing. As an actual veteran of not just war, I know that face all too well.

Here is a little food for thought: Soldiers in the field are never alone unless it is absolutely unavoidable. This is after battle and none of her comrades are anywhere to be seen, I let you reach the conclusion from that statement in context of this lovely young lady's aloness by yourselves...

Edit: :o (Eek) It is only now that I notice that she is actually crying
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Good read of the image. Yes, she is crying. If you know the reputation of her regiment, the Mordian Iron Guard, the fact that she is crying and her uniform in poor condition only adds to the story. 
Sweating a little... Aw, thanks.

Were she not a mordi, she would already be dead, either by enemy hand or her own.

I don't know whether you realize this, but this painting demonstrates so well what "there is only war" does to even the strongest, healthiest, most disciplined and most resilient somewhat normal human beings. Be it a long time ago, today or in the far future.

I see her and all I want to do, all I really could do, is Hug her.
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Fantastic depiction of a member of the guard! May the emperor smile upon this guardswoman for her diligence and sacrifice and to you for your amazing works! - Ave Imperator. 
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Thanks! The Emperor protects.
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Beautiful; no need for a servant of the Emperor to be an over-glorified set of tits and ass. No. This woman exudes a sense of charm and beauty by the simple fact that she has persevered in the face of the horrors of the 41st millennium. As always. you do a fantastic job.
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Thank you! Sometimes, I have a chance to contribute to the crusade for female image in illustration :)
A great illustration. My favorite part is that she's charging her las magazines by placing them next to the fire. That's not a common bit of lore. Good on you. 
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