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Wonderful art, showing colourful, creative and/or crazy animals.

Hope, you will have fun and enjoy!

Stock, horse with filter

Star Keeper Sidra

Two funny cows

Humming Alpaca

Finalista en @copic_award

Hare Stare


Farmer kitty

Donnie Dapperphant

Enchanting Elephant

Crow Song

Eagle daddy Axel


French Rooster

Rainbow Parrot

work in progress.. hummingbird piece


Fly Fly Away

Orange Frog with Butterflies

afternoon reading

Illusions and Wonder

3111. Downpurr

71QUfFMxnHL. AC SL1500

Ulf on the run


Seeing Spots


Fynn the Penguin

Time-Lapse: 2nd Goldfish

Jump Free

Winged Turtles

Marlin and Hawksbill

Tropical Waters

Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle

Dreamworks' Turbo

© 2021 Dieffi
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Thank you so much for featuring my work! 💙

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Thanks a lot for including my work in this Feature with so many great entries. Amazing collection. 👍👍👍

Thank You Creature
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Wow! Thank you for including four of my manipulations in this lovely feature! I am honored! :heart:

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Beautiful collection... :clap:

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Thank you so much for including my work🤗

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Such a beautiful showcase my dear Wolgang....:clap:

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Thank you very much!

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An interesting and delightfully eclectic collection! :clap:

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My goodness, I am almost embarrassed to be featured among such stellar works. I am truly honored that you liked my work that much!

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Thanks for the mention!❤🙏

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Thank you so much! always happy to make the cut.

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Inspiring collection!

Red-eared slider turtle - pixel

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