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ubuntu for win7



I know its not that good, but still I want to make it :)

For Windows 7 x64/x86 SP1 or without SP

- Use it AT YOUR OWN RISK! because the tools still alpha at the moment and may contain bugs
- I made the animation based on my laptop screen (1280x800) or 16:10, its should be work just fine on other widescreen too
- Installer and *.bs7 version included (while you need [THIS] to apply the *.bs7)
- well, then! enjoy!
- and :+fav: if you like :D


In case you get stuck forever in Windows Recovery Environment then you need to manually restore winload.exe. Here are the directions:

-Once you enter Windows Recovery Environment press "Cancel" right away (while it is still scanning)
-Click "Yes" on the warning that pops up
-Click "View advanced options for system recovery and support"
-Select your keyboard types and click "Next>"
-Select an account (not "HomeGroupUser$") and enter any necessary password and click "Ok"
-Click "Command Prompt" (the last option)
-Enter the following commands:

cd \Windows\System32
del winload.exe
ren "winload - Backup.exe" winload.exe
cd \Windows\Boot\PCAT
del bootmgr
ren "bootmgr - Backup" bootmgr

-Click "Restart"

PS: if you've had mod you're bootscreen before, dont forget to restore your backup or uninstalling the previous bootscreen before applying this!
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