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Laptop'ed win7 bootscreen

I dont do any change to the animation, but since the tool is updated it and doesnt require signing, it would be good to repack it.. :)

For Windows 7 x64/x86 SP1 or without SP

- Use it AT YOUR OWN RISK! because the tools still alpha at the moment and may contain bugs
- I made the animation based on my laptop screen (1280x800) or 16:10, its should be work just fine on other widescreen too
- Installer and *.bs7 version included (while you need [THIS] to apply the *.bs7)
- well, then! enjoy!
- and :+fav: if you like :D


In case you get stuck forever in Windows Recovery Environment then you need to manually restore winload.exe. Here are the directions:

-Once you enter Windows Recovery Environment press "Cancel" right away (while it is still scanning)
-Click "Yes" on the warning that pops up
-Click "View advanced options for system recovery and support"
-Select your keyboard types and click "Next>"
-Select an account (not "HomeGroupUser$") and enter any necessary password and click "Ok"
-Click "Command Prompt" (the last option)
-Enter the following commands:

cd \Windows\System32
del winload.exe
ren "winload - Backup.exe" winload.exe
cd \Windows\Boot\PCAT
del bootmgr
ren "bootmgr - Backup" bootmgr

-Click "Restart"

PS: if you've had mod your bootscreen before, dont forget to restore your backup or uninstalling the previous bootscreen before applying this!
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what program do u use 4 making boot screens?
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Can i copy your boot text?
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cool thanks for this!!! :)
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When I download any of them, I get this message;
C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\file name...

Application not found
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When I download these, I get the message C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Temp\download...
Application not found
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Do you have a idea for what on my netbook appears the Windows Vista Bootscreen??, i can´t change it! D:
OK.. I installed it and it works.. Thanks BTW. But now I don't see anywhere to uninstall it..?? And I was wondering, how can I modify it and make my own screen?
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tak coba dulu bos,,

oiya punya link buat win7 logon ga' bos,, bagi donk ..... saya dah muter2 nyari tp pada error semua....
ty ya...
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berhasil nggak?
logon changer gitu? di DA banyak kok, ato pake tuneup utilities jg bisa (ganti gambar doang tapi)
I've just installed it and it works great! Thanks. :) But I was just wondering, what do I do if I want to uninstall it?
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what method did you use?
if you're using installer, the you'll find the uninstaller at start menu, but if you use the bs7 file, open the win7bootupdater and then hit option >> restore backups. its done! :)
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I have windows 7 and I can see that you just install with this app, but how do I restore the original. I noticed that this app is different than Coder's Boot Updater and when you want to get rid of or change the animation you just restore the back up, but I didn't see that here so I was nervous about installing it.
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the app you have maybe an old version of it, its alpha 11 now and its doesnt require any signing method anymore, its just the same tool though, just an update
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OK I have a very important question, does the sign file in the (signerx64) folder go into the C:\windows\system32 folder?
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Great work but I do have a problem, (not on your end but mine) will send note
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should be initializing system, not tems
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bisa nerima request juga ya?
request yang pake logonya MUSE donk.. simple aja, sedikit animasi aja om..
win7 enterprise x86

mohon bantuanya ya om.. :malu:
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sebenernya bisa aja seh, tapi aku nggak punya laptop/pc x86 di sini, adanya di rumah malang, nah kalo pake virtual gt berat --a

tp tak usahain deh kl lagi nganggur2 kali ya?
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I admire all you folks that contribute towards making our (PC) world a more beautiful world! And this piece of art is just one fine example!! Thanks for sharing your work with us. May the coming new year 2011 fill your heart with great creative ideas!
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