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Himura Kenshin Costume

my Himura Kenshin Costume, Photo taken by my friend Yukito, photo edited/changes done by me :o
Costume made by me - wig styled by Adella
pic taken at a park in Washington D.C.
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What is this...could it I damn it is! I have no words for how awesome this is. You make a lovely Kenshin. I am impressed. <3
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You are most welcome -admires- Just another dream cosplay I will have to attempt. You really do make a good Kenshin :3
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I've always wanted to do a Kenshin cosplay, but I've been too afraid it'd turn out like those really bad cosplays, the one's with HORRIBLE wigs and really BAD costumes.

Your's is AMAZING and it just brings back my desire to eventually do a Kenshin cosplay. Thanks for the inspiration! (love the cover art costume, too, btw. Very pretty!)

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aww im glad!!! :)
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Wow- I've never seen this version of Kenshin's outfit cosplayed before. Very nice work! :D
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Is that a real sakabato, or a katana? I can't tell. In any case, the costume is awesome. Very well done. You need an Aoshi or a Shishio to spar with now, haha.
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D8 how do you get into the public like that?
I was walking around in Raito cosplay... about 10 people were like OMFG KIRA
...and then I went back home -.-lll
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why the h*ll would you walk around in public in costume.....
silverdragon12495's avatar
uhm... animecon? XP

;~; not a lot of people know ruroken, I was at school with my red kimono + white hakama combo (aikido class after school and whatnot) XD no RK fangirls...
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I'm no real English actually. But I saw that everybody talks English so I just talk along as good as I can. ^_^
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This is really the first time I don't feel like laughing someone out. I mean it. Most people try so hard to look like the characters but it just ends up looking funny.
The strokes at the underside of the hakama, Kenshin doesn't have that, but still it doesn't bother me though.

Like yah costume. Well done. Love the background/set/...It's cool
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the strokes on the hakama?...

u mean the stripes? I did it based on the 7th manga cover i believe....

it was just 1 picture of him in this but I liked it better :) its diff :)
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Wow!!! That's so awesome! :D
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Sacre bluei! Good, good, very good! I found a picture of this cosplay on PhotoBucket and I was stunned! Very beautiful! I would very much love to cosplay and to be able to take such beautiful pictures! If you have any tips, mademoiselle, then please, do share!
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Holy crap! you did the cover-art costume! I absolutely adore you now! (not in a wierd way though ^^';) It looks really well made too! *thumbs up*
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its the only outfit of his I really like, his defaults are too plain XD;; *ducks and covers*
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no need to hide, I totally understand. I've just never seen a cosplay of that. I've seen kaoru's outfit from that cover art, but not kenshin's.
so yeah, I was really exited when I found this ^^
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Great picture...and that girl in the picture looks cute lol..
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...? thats me... ?

......o,o thanks
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ur welcome...i don't think i've met u in real life...but ur picture was found in my friends gallery..her names Brittany
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