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The House of Black: Part 2



All of these character descriptions are based on my headcannons of J.K. Rowling's Characters  

Herbert Burke: Some of the family narrowed their eyes at the decision of marrying Belvina to a Ravenclaw when their was plenty of Slytherin options. Herbert though not a Slytherin believed in blood purity, had plenty of wealth, and had a high ranking job in the ministry (At the time of his and Belvina's engagement there where even rumors he would become Minister of Magic)

Arcturus Black II: A sheepish member of the family, who did everything down to his job the way his family told him to. His Pureblood views where weak, but he feared being disowned if he did anything against them. He also feared embarrassment and kept the secret that his wife was cheating on him to himself, and that none of his daughters where ever ingrained with the Black Family's way of thinking.

Lysandra Yaxley - The Black Family was very happy to marry Lysandra into their family. At the beginning she seemed like a well breed pureblooded Slytherin from a rich family. Though quickly she lost interest in her husband and would go out often to find other guys or girls. She however found pride in her daughters (though they where raised more by nannies then herself) who all grew up to beautiful ladies. When her middle daughter was disowned for marrying a blood traitor, Lysandra never did cut her off completely.

Arcturus Black III: Head of the Black Family after Sirius II and reigned for 39 years. As a student at Hogwarts he started a relationship Melania Macmillan who was in his year but a Hufflepuff. While not being careful at the age of 14 Malania got pregnant. The Black Family had the two young teenagers married before you could say Quidditch, but soon after their marriage Melania miscarried but the deal was done and Arcturus' and Melania's lives where already bound together. As Arcturus grew older he adopted more pure-blooded beliefs and became the head of the family and lived up to it. He made alliances with the Dark Lord and made ties with the younger generations of the Black Family to fallow him.        

Melania Macmillan - If it wasn't for her pureblood Melania would of been left pregnant and in shame, and perhaps Arcturus would of been burnt off his family tree, and maybe for Melania it would of been better that way. like most decisions teenagers make her and Arcturus where not meant to last. Arcturus never hated his wife; he grew distant from her but he would say he loved her, but he only loved the idea of her who was a quite modest woman. Melania on the other hand was sickened by everything her husband did for his family, and by the end of her life she couldn't bare to look at him. She died at age 78 after a fall down the stairs; something her daughter who was the only person she opened up to about her feelings could never believe the fall was accidental.

Lycoris Black - Lycoris had always been tall and thick for a woman, something that didn't get her many suitors. She married once but after a year of not being able to get with child her husband believing she was sterile ended their marriage leaving her alone. Lycoris continued the execution of House Elves that her Great Aunt started, She did it more out of family tradition then cruelty.

Regulus Black I - Maybe the most well liked member of the Black Family by the rest of the wizarding population. He got a name for himself as an auror and was well respected by purebloods to muggleborns. He secretly was homosexual, but this was something his family never found out.

Pollux Black - Pollux had an air of authority about him, he merely had to whisper an idea to his cousin Arcturus for him to soon adopt it. It seemed that everything Pollux did was a plot to strengthen the Black Family and made wiser marriage alliances then the past Blacks ever did. If he got to pick who he married it would of not been Irma Crabbe; not because of her looks since he could care less about simple things like that, but because her family in his opinion wasn't to the level of the Black Family. Pollux had little interest in sex and had no desire for any man or woman, but he did his duty to continue the Black Family's name.

Irma Crabbe - Irma was a simple woman who enjoyed cooking and often fought with house elves for them to let her cook, and even clean if she got board enough. Like most housewives of her day she was cooped up in a house all day and with the house elves there she didn't have much of a purpose. She could only enjoy her husband's company when he wanted another child, and once she had her lot of children she spent most of her time teaching them how to act like a proper pureblood.

Cassiopeia Black - The first black (who wasn't later disowned) to be sorted in a house that wasn't Slytherin, She was a Hufflepuff and this always got her unnecessary attention in her family and a few extra eyes waiting for her to mess up so they could burn her off the family tree. She denied every marriage offer since she had no interest in being tied down like the rest of her family was, She secretly was the only person to keep in contact with her brother after he was disowned, and she loved a good party.

Marius Black - Marius probably would of grown to believe everything his family believed in if he hadn't been a squib. He had conservative nature and high ambition and many would consider him unpleasant. It was weird how his sister became one of his best friends even though he was very judgmental on her life.

Well that took forever to write... There was a lot of mistakes on the family tree I was looking at so I got jumbled around on some things. Forgive Spelling and Grammar Please.

More Early House of Black:
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