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How to Mess Up Time



So apparently Rose looks so much like Hermione, that Scorpius can easily mistake the two, I tried to do this drawing as a way of making that make since even with 2014's description of Rose being she has Red hair and blue eyes. In the play Hermione and Rose had black hair which in no way can be cannon because Hermione is very known to have brown hair. From this scene in Cursed Child it could point to Rose having brown hair since she said she looks so much like her mother (Though we have not seen a actress playing her yet that has brown hair).

I think Rose has dark red hair like me, but maybe in certain lights it looks brown. One of my great aunts was yelling at me on Christmas because she thought I dyed my hair brown, and I'm like pls,.. It just the light.. It's still red.. leave me be. Also I am told I look a lot like my mother (even though she has dark brown hair) to the point that one time I was in trouble with the law for breaking into an abandon amusement park, and there was a few cops there and one of them would not stop looking at me even though my boyfriend was the one doing all the talking (Jake had already got the cops on our side and was small talking them about the good old days, and they agreed to just let us leave the park). Then randomly he said "Diana" which is my mother's name and I was like "Oh Nooooo". He didn't tell her though, but I was having her avoid every cop after that (apparently she has went to school with more then one in our area???) 

Also the art style for this was inspired my a comic I picked up called Jonesy. I super related to the protagonist and I should probably read the rest of them. 

Also question: has anyone on Fanfiction or any other website re-written Cursed Child in novel form? I would like to read that. If I rewrote it I would copy and paste the last chapter of Deathly Hallows as the first chapter. 

More Cursed Child Art: 
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LOL I don't know whether to laugh or facepalm, so I did both! I am a dummy!

Here's you TCC novel rewrite --> archiveofourown.org/works/7666… DO NOT read the second last chapter if you don't ship Scorbus. I learned that the hard way. Shrugs