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Fantastic Beasts: Spider Attack



First off why is no one talking about Porpentina, the wife or future wife of Newton Scamander? I'm not exactly sure she will be featured in the movie but It is more the likely she will be. I demand to see a list telling me the best actresses to play Porpentina Scamander!!! In this picture I inspired her off of Lupita Nyong'o so it is a little different then my previous imaginings of her since I'm trying to mix up different looks for her before anything is confirmed. Newt I inspired off Luke Newberry who I have already said is my number one pick for the role, since he is adorable and is a huge Harry Potter fan himself #LukeforNewt. Even if it seems now that Matt Smith is the studios top pick for the role.

I hurried up and posted this as fast as possible since it seems they are cracking down on a official actor for Newt Scamander, and I need to put up my imaginings before they are disproved. I will never stop freaking out about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them...  

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I've heard a theory that the second film will feature a subplot where Tina worries that Newt's old friend who's a Lestrange is better suited for him than she is but then is proven totally wrong when Newt casts a Patronus Charm and his Patronus is a porcupine, a clear reference to her full name and a sure sign that she's the one he loves.